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1 LECTURES 【2024/03/19】 09:00AM 活動海報

Prof. George Handley (Professor of Comparative Literature and Interdisciplinary Humanities, Brigham Young University)

Ecotheology and Literature: Prospects and Challenges

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2 LECTURES 【2024/02/27】 09:00AM 活動海報

Dr. Juliet B. Schor(Professor, Department of Sociology, Boston College)

The Four Day Week: Economic, Wellbeing and Climate Impacts

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3 LECTURES 【2024/02/20】 09:00AM 活動海報

Daniela Kato|Independent Scholar|Writer|Speaker|Ecotherapy Facilitator

Rewilding and Re-rooting: Ecotherapy with the Earth Spirits of Local Folklore

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4 LECTURES 【2024/01/23】 02:30PM
【2024/02/23】 04:30PM

講者 :林正義 研究員(中央研究院歐美研究所)

與談人 :林文程 特聘教授(國立中山大學中國與亞太區域研究所)

主持人:鄧育仁 特聘研究員兼所長(中央研究院歐美研究所)

5 LECTURES 【2024/01/11】 01:30PM 活動海報

Dr. Chingwen Cheng (Director of Stuckeman School; Professor of Landscape Architecture at the Pennsylvania State University; President of the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture)

Climate Justice Design: Bridging Justice Theory and Design Practice in Nature-based Solutions for Community Resilience

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6 LECTURES 【2023/12/26】 02:30PM
【2023/12/26】 04:30PM


7 LECTURES 【2023/12/08】 10:00AM 活動海報

Prof. C.-C. Jay Kuo (Academician of Academia Sinica; Fellow of National Academy of Inventors)

Demystify Artificial Intelligence and Technology Outlook

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8 LECTURES 【2023/12/06】 09:30AM 活動海報

Will Kymlicka (Professor and Canada Research Chair in Political Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Queen's University, Canada

Sharing Place & Sharing Power with Animals

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9 LECTURES 【2023/12/05】 02:30PM
【2023/12/05】 04:30PM
講者:吳建輝 研究員(中央研究院歐美研究所)
主持人:鄧育仁 特聘研究員兼所長(中央研究院歐美研究所)
10 LECTURES 【2023/11/28】 02:30PM
【2023/11/28】 04:30PM
講者:蔡政宏 研究員(中央研究院歐美研究所)
主持人:鄧育仁 特聘研究員兼所長(中央研究院歐美研究所)
11 LECTURES 【2023/11/22】 02:00PM
【2023/11/22】 04:00PM
Speaker: Prof. Wendy Cheng (Scripps College)
Discussant: Dr. Wen Liu (Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica)
Moderator: Dr. Chih-Ming Wang (Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica)
Infrastructures of Activism and Surveillance

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12 LECTURES 【2023/11/21】 02:30PM
【2023/11/21】 04:30PM
主講人:Lukasz Gruszczynski (Associate Professor, Kozminski University)
The WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty: The Current State of Play

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13 LECTURES 【2023/11/20】 02:00PM
【2023/11/20】 04:00PM

Speaker: Prof. Alexa Alice Joubin (George Washington University)

Moderator: Dr. Chih-Ming Wang (Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica)

Generative AI as Theatrical Performance in Heterotopia

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14 LECTURES 【2023/10/31】 02:30PM
【2023/10/31】 04:30PM

Dr. Shao-Man Lee (Assistant Professor, NCKU Miin Wu School of Computing)

Generating Moral Machines: The Capability of Large Language Models in Capturing Human Moral Judgments Across Cultures
15 LECTURES 【2023/10/04】 02:30PM
【2023/10/04】 04:30PM
Speaker: Prof. Mae Ngai (Columbia University)
Discussant: Mr. Woo Kamloon (China Times Publishing Co.)
Moderator: Dr. Chih-Ming Wang (IEAS, Academia Sinica)
The Chinese Question: The Gold Rushes and Global Politics
16 LECTURES 【2023/10/04】 02:30PM 活動海報

Speaker: Yeng-Chieh Tsai

PhD, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy, University of Delaware

Chair: Chien-Yi Lu (Research Fellow, Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica)

Organizer: Farm for Change, Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica

Who has the final say? Your communication is not my communication? The reality of energy policy communication

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17 LECTURES 【2023/09/19】 10:00AM 活動海報

Chih-Chien Hsieh (Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, National Chung Cheng University)

Thinking with Islands in the Anthropocene

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18 LECTURES 【2023/08/18】 10:00AM
【2023/08/18】 12:00PM

Dr. Jeffrey D. Sachs

(2022 Tang Prize laureate; Director/Professor, Center for Sustainable Development, Earth Institute, Columbia University; President of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network)

The Ukraine War and Its Implications for The World

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19 LECTURES 【2023/07/18】 10:00AM
【2023/07/18】 12:00PM

邵允鍾 助研究員(中央研究院歐美研究所)

20 LECTURES 【2023/07/05】 02:00PM
【2023/07/05】 04:00PM

講者:許漢 教授(國立中正大學哲學系)

主持人:蔡政宏 研究員(中央研究院歐美研究所)

21 LECTURES 【2023/06/19】 10:00AM
【2023/06/19】 12:00PM

陳弘儒 助研究員(中央研究院歐美研究所)

22 LECTURES 【2023/06/15】 04:30PM
【2023/06/15】 06:00PM

Dr Nitasha Kaul (Professor of Politics, International Relations, and Critical Interdisciplinary Studies; Director, Centre for the Study of Democracy)

Small States in International Relations

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23 LECTURES 【2023/06/14】 05:00PM
【2023/06/14】 06:30PM
Keynote Speaker: Yu-Shan Wu (Academician; Distinguished Research Fellow, Institute of Political Science, Academia Sinica)
Moderator: Shelley Rigger (Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of Faculty; Brown Professor of Political Science, Davidson College)
Taiwan-U.S. Relations in an Era of Great Power Competition

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24 LECTURES 【2023/06/06】 02:30PM
【2023/06/06】 04:30PM
講者:洪德欽 研究員(中央研究院歐美研究所)
與談人:李貴英 特聘教授(東吳大學法學院)
主持人:鄧育仁 特聘研究員兼所長(中央研究院歐美研究所)
YouTube 演講完整影片:https://youtu.be/ttzU4_GBYkk

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25 LECTURES 【2023/05/30】 10:00AM
【2023/05/30】 12:00PM

Speaker: Dr. Weitseng Chen (NUS Faculty of Law)

Discussant: Dr. Chih-hsing Ho (IEAS, Academia Sinica)

Moderator: Dr. Chih-Ming Wang (IEAS, Academia Sinica)


Contracts, Inequality and the State: A Comparative Study of Common Law, Civil Law and Judicial Behavior of Chinese Courts during the Pandemic (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
26 LECTURES 【2023/05/08】 10:00AM
【2023/05/08】 12:00PM

Speaker: Dr. Alan Toy (The University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Moderator: Dr. Chih-hsing Ho (Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica)

Enhanced Governance for Facial Recognition Technology in the Public Sector
27 LECTURES 【2023/04/14】 09:00AM 活動海報

Bron Taylor (Professor of Religion and Nature at the University of Florida)

Religion, Nature, and the Future of Religion & Nature

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28 LECTURES 【2023/03/23】 02:00PM 活動海報

Simon Counsell (Independent researcher writing on nature based solutions, offsetting, and rights-based conservation)

Nature Based Solutions: What's the Problem?

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29 LECTURES 【2023/03/07】 02:00PM
【2023/03/07】 04:00PM
講者:盧倩儀 研究員(中央研究院歐美研究所)
與談人:傅大為 榮譽教授(國立陽明交通大學科技與社會研究所)
主持人:鄧育仁 特聘研究員兼所長(中央研究院歐美研究所)

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30 LECTURES 【2022/12/08】 09:00AM 活動海報

Norman Wirzba | Distinguished Professor of Theology and Ecology & Senior Fellow of Ethics, Duke University

Agrarianism, Spirituality, and the Ecopoetics of Hope: A Conversation with Norman Wirzba

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31 LECTURES 【2022/12/06】 12:00PM 活動海報

Masumi Izumi (Professor, Faculty of Global and Regional Studies, Doshisha University)

Bad Medicine?: The Legal Legacy of Japanese American Wartime Incarceration and the Precarious Politics of Remembering Injustice

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32 LECTURES 【2022/11/29】 10:00AM
【2022/11/29】 12:00PM

講者:單德興 特聘研究員(中央研究院歐美研究所)

與談人:王智明 副研究員(中央研究院歐美研究所)

主持人:鄧育仁 特聘研究員兼所長(中央研究院歐美研究所)


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33 LECTURES 【2022/10/20】 02:30PM
【2022/10/20】 04:30PM

Timothée Parrique (Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Economics, Lund University, Sweden)

Should Taiwan's Economy Degrow?

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34 LECTURES 【2022/10/14】 03:30PM 活動海報

Elizabeth Carolyn Miller (Professor, Department of English, University of California, Davis)

Extraction Ecologies and the Post-Extractive Imagination

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35 LECTURES 【2022/09/27】 09:00AM
【2022/09/27】 11:00AM

James Kenneth Boyce (Senior Fellow, Professor Emeritus, Political Economy Research Institute, University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Why Carbon Prices and Dividends for Taiwan?

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36 LECTURES 【2022/09/27】 02:30PM
【2022/09/27】 04:00PM

Dr. James Lee (Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica)

Taiwan and the “New Cold War”
37 LECTURES 【2022/06/27】 02:00PM
【2022/06/27】 04:00PM

Dr. Kuei-Chen Chen (Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica)

The Problem of Object Realism
38 LECTURES 【2022/06/06】 12:30AM 活動海報

Masumi Izumi (Professor, Department of Global and Regional Studies, Doshisha University)

Enemies or Model Farmers?: Settler Colonialism and the Agricultural Projects in the Japanese American War Relocation Centers

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39 LECTURES 【2022/02/21】 02:00PM 活動海報

 Joan Chiung-huei Chang (Professor, Department of English, National Taiwan Normal University)

40 LECTURES 【2022/02/14】 10:00AM 活動海報

Shu-ching Chen (Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Chung Hsing University)

41 LECTURES 【2022/01/18】 09:45AM
【2022/01/18】 12:00PM

Prof. Hung-Dah Su (Jean Monnet Chair Professor & Dean of College of Social Science, National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

Gaullism in the World Politics of the 21st Century
42 LECTURES 【2021/12/22】 02:00PM
【2021/12/22】 03:30PM
Mr. Aniel Pahladsingh (Senior lawyer, legal and litigation department of the Ministry of Social affairs, Netherlands)
Fundamental Rights under Covid-19: an European Perspective on Videoconferencing in Court
43 LECTURES 【2021/11/25】 10:00AM
【2021/11/25】 12:00PM


張文寧 助理教授

44 LECTURES 【2021/11/09】 09:00AM 活動海報

You-ting Chen (Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences, National Chung Hsing University)

Stories of Encounters in Karen Tei Yamashita's Through the Arc of the Rain Forest: An Asian American Ecocritical Reading
45 LECTURES 【2021/05/20】 03:00PM 活動海報

Prof. Eiichiro Azuma (University of Pennsylvania)

“In Search of Our Frontier”: Entangled Histories of Early Japanese America and Imperial Japan

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46 LECTURES 【2021/04/27】 02:30PM 活動海報

Dr. Yung-Djong Shaw (Assistant Research Fellow, IEAS)

The Revisionist History of EU Legal Integration Through the Lens of Federation Theory (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
47 LECTURES 【2021/04/13】 02:30PM
【2021/04/13】 05:30PM
Prof. Joseph C.W. Chan (Dept. of Politics and Public Administration, The University of Hong Kong; Visiting Scholar of Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica)
48 LECTURES 【2021/03/31】 09:30AM
【2021/03/31】 11:00AM
Chair: Chih-Ming Wang
(Associate Research Fellow, IEAS, Academia Sinica)
Wendy Cheng
 (Chair/Associate Professor, Departments of  American Studies, Scripps College)
Wen Liu
(Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica)
Yi-Hung Liu
(Postdoctoral Fellow, IEAS, Academia Sinica)
Flair Donglai Shi
(DPhil in English, University of Oxford)
Kun Huang
(PhD Candidate, Cornell University)


Roundtable on Anti-Asian Hate and Sinophobia: A Global Analysis
49 LECTURES 【2021/03/23】 02:00PM
【2021/03/23】 05:00PM



Meeting with Authors

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50 LECTURES 【2021/02/23】 02:30PM
【2021/02/23】 04:30PM

Prof. Chen-Hsing Tsai (Department of English Tamkang University; Visiting Scholar at IEAS)

Viruses, Environment and Literary Imagination: Recent Euroamerican Disease Narratives (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
51 LECTURES 【2017/05/19】 09:45AM-00:00AM 活動海報

Scott Slovic (Professor and Chair. English Department. University of Idaho)

Ava Chin (Associate Professor. English Department. City University of New York-Staten Island)

Fourth-Wave Ecocriticism Lecture Series

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52 LECTURES 【2017/01/24】 02:30PM-00:00AM 活動海報

Prof. Te-Hsing Shan (Distinguished Research Fellow, Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica)

The Migrant Writes: A Case Study of Ha Jin

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53 LECTURES 【2017/01/17】 02:30PM-00:00AM 活動海報

Prof. Yu-kuo Wang (Dean, School of Foreign Languages, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications)

A Study of African-American Literary Criticism in the 20th Century (This lecture is given in Chinese.)

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54 LECTURES 【2016/12/28】 02:30PM

Prof. Feng-Wei WU (Department of Philosophy, Chinese Culture University)

Country Neutrality and Same-Sex Marriage (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
55 LECTURES 【2016/12/14】 02:30PM

Prof. Wahng-Shan Chang (Graduate Institute of Philosophy, National Tsing Hua University)

How Do Concepts Become Influential in History?—On the Significance of Weber's Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism as the Study of Cultural History (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
56 LECTURES 【2016/12/06】 02:30PM

Prof. Chih-hsing Ho (Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica)

Repositioning Colonial Medicine in Global History: Empire, Colony and Governmentality (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
57 LECTURES 【2016/11/15】 02:00PM

Dr. Janet C.-L. Kuo (Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, National Taiwan University)

Motherhood Wage Penalty and Occupational Context
58 LECTURES 【2016/10/24】 10:30AM

Prof. Shiu-Ching Wu (Department of Philosophy, National Chung Cheng University)

An Analysis of Miranda Fricker's Theory and Practice of Epistemic Injustice (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
59 LECTURES 【2016/10/18】 12:00AM

Dr. Chern Chen (Instutute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica)

The Stone Camp Allendorf. On the History of the POW Camp of the German Generals after the Second World War
60 LECTURES 【2016/10/04】 02:30PM

Prof. Judit Hidasi (Budapest Business School, Hungary; 2016 Taiwan Fellowship Visiting Scholar; Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, NTU)

Two Sides of the Coin—Gender Equality and Gender Gap in Europe
61 LECTURES 【2016/10/03】 10:30AM

Prof. I-Chi Wang (Department of Philosophy, National Chung Cheng University)

Hypothetical Thinking—Wittgenstein (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
62 LECTURES 【2016/09/26】 10:30AM

Prof. I-Chi Wang (Department of Philosophy, National Chung Cheng University)

Hypothetical Thinking—Relationships (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
63 LECTURES 【2016/09/22】 04:00PM

Arachne van der Eijk-Spaan (Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Humboldt University Berlin)

Necessity, the Tyrant's Plea: Morality and Legality in Extremis
64 LECTURES 【2016/09/19】 10:30AM

Prof. I-Chi Wang (Department of Philosophy, National Chung Cheng University)

Hypothetical Thinking—Uncertainty Factor (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
65 LECTURES 【2016/09/12】 10:30AM

Prof. I-Chi Wang (Department of Philosophy, National Chung Cheng University)

Hypothetical Thinking—Further Discussion on Rationality (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
66 LECTURES 【2016/09/05】 10:30AM

Prof. I-Chi Wang (Department of Philosophy, National Chung Cheng University)

Hypothetical Thinking—Laplace (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
67 LECTURES 【2016/09/01】 02:30PM

Dr. Karácsonyi Dávid (Research Fellow of Geographical Institute, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

Risks and Advantages of Nuclear Energy in Emerging Markets--Remarks and Experiences from Central and Eastern Europe
68 LECTURES 【2016/08/29】 10:30AM

Prof. I-Chi Wang (Department of Philosophy, National Chung Cheng University)

Hypothetical Thinking—Plato and Leibniz (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
69 LECTURES 【2016/08/25】 10:00AM

Hanti Lin (Department of Philosophy, University of California at Davis)

Conditionals and Actions: A Dutch Book Argument for Adam's Conditional Logic (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
70 LECTURES 【2016/08/23】 10:30AM

Prof. I-Chi Wang (Department of Philosophy, National Chung Cheng University)

Hypothetical Thinking—Rationality (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
71 LECTURES 【2016/08/10】 10:30AM

Prof. Jeu-Jenq Yuann (Department of Philosophy, National Taiwan University)

Is the Tide of Democracy Ebbing?—A Reflection on Geopolitics (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
72 LECTURES 【2016/08/08】 02:30PM

Prof. Jan Zielonka (Department of Politics & International Relations, St Antonys College, University of Oxford)

Turbulent Europe: Causes, Scenarios and Remedies
73 LECTURES 【2016/08/02】 02:30PM

Dr. Michael Reilly (Taiwan Fellowship Scholar, Former Director of British Trade & Cultural Office, Taipei)

The dawn of a new era? Assessing the implications of Brexit for the UK, Europe and the world
74 LECTURES 【2016/07/05】 02:30PM

Raeann Chou (Duke University, Graduate Program in Literature)

Fantasy and Disidentification: Mary Renault's Male Homoerotic Fictions
75 LECTURES 【2016/06/22】 10:30AM

Prof. Hsi-Heng Cheng (Graduate Institute of Philosophy, National Tsing Hua University)

Comparing Emotional Discourse of James and Merleau-Ponty (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
76 LECTURES 【2016/06/16】 03:00PM

Dr. Apichai W. Shipper (Asia Studies Program, School of Foreign Services, Georgetown University)

Morality of Citizenship in Japan, Sweden, and the U.S.
77 LECTURES 【2016/05/25】 10:30AM

Prof. Ian Roxborough (Department of Sociology and History, Stony Brook University, U.S.A.)

How organizations forget: US military strategy, irregular warfare and the uses of social science
78 LECTURES 【2016/01/12】 02:00PM

Prof. William H. Dow (School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley)

Why Does Costa Rica Outperform the United States in Life Expectancy? A Tale of Two Inequality Gradients
79 LECTURES 【2015/10/27】 03:00PM

Prof. Jonathan Locke Hart (Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada)

Colonialism and Postcolonialism
80 LECTURES 【2015/10/05】 02:00PM

Prof. Pey-Yan Liou (Assistant Professor, Graduate Institute of Learning and Instruction, National Central University, Taiwan)

Profiles of Adolescents' Motivational Beliefs in Science Learning in 26 Countries: Results from TIMSS 2011 Data
81 LECTURES 【2015/08/26】 03:00PM

Prof. Chung-I Lin (Department of Philosophy, National Chengchi University)

Anatta to Agape: Offloading Self and Surviving Death (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
82 LECTURES 【2015/08/10】 02:00PM

Prof. Richard Brown (Department of Philosophy, City University of New York)

Two Concepts of Phenomenal Consciousness
83 LECTURES 【2015/07/28】 02:30PM

Pei-Ting Lin (Doctoral Candidate, Department of Music, National Taiwan Normal University)、Thijs Velema (PhD in Sociology, National Taiwan University)

Frank Churchill and The Unmatched Irish Lover、Orderly and Chaotic Career Trajectories in Contemporary European Football (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
84 LECTURES 【2015/07/15】 02:30PM

Prof. John Nguyet Erni (Professor, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Disrupting the Colonial Transgender/Law Nexus: Reading the Case of W in Hong Kong
85 LECTURES 【2015/05/26】 02:00PM

Prof. Chien-Wen Tsai (Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Taiwan Food Culture, National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism)

Shaping French Cuisine – From Culinary Cooking to Gourmet Critic (This lecture is given in Chinese.)
86 LECTURES 【2015/05/07】 02:30PM

Prof. Ann Murphy (Professor, Gonzaga University School of Law)

New Developments of Elder Abuse Issues in the U.S.
87 LECTURES 【2015/04/09】 10:00AM

Dr. May-Britt Stumbaum (Research Group Director, Free University of Berlin)

"Does Europe Matter? Security in the Asian Century"- The European Union as a Security Actor vis-à-vis Mainland China and India
88 LECTURES 【2015/01/20】 02:30PM

Issac B. Kardon (Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Government, Cornell University; Affiliated Scholar, US-Asia Law Institute, NYU Law School)

New Type Great Relations at Sea: China and the US in the Maritime Domain