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No Type Time Poster Lecturer Topic/Introduction Registration
1 OTHERS 【2016/12/21】 10:30AM

Bohumil Doboš (Researcher, Charles University); Ding Chu (Director, Centre for European Studies, Fudan University); Jean-Jacques Roche (Professor of International Relations, Université de Paris-II); Mary Anne Madeira (Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Queens College, The City University of New York); YE Bin (Associate Professor/ Deputy Head of EU Law Office, Institute of European Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

CETA, TTIP and EU Trade Strategy Forum
2 OTHERS 【2015/07/13】 02:00PM

Prof. Der-Chin Horng (Research Fellow, IEAS, Academia Sinica) (Chairperson)

Impact and Revelations of Greece's Debt Crisis and Bailout Referendum (This lecture is held in Chinese.)
3 OTHERS 【2015/06/16】 02:30PM

Prof. Jia-You Sheu (Adjunct Research Fellow, IEAS, Academia Sinica)

The Face of Time: Vacheron Constantin's "Art Accomplishments" Series' (2004-2015) Art and Cultural Patterns of Expression and Its Social and Cultural Implications (This lecture is held in Chinese.)