Who has the final say? Your communication is not my communication? The reality of energy policy communication

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In recent years, Taiwan's energy transition has sparked numerous controversies. The 2021 Datan LNG Third Station Referendum ignited debates on the so-called ‘environment versus environment’ dilemma. Moreover, on July 7th of this year, the Keelung LNG Fourth Station project witnessed an unprecedented incident during the environmental impact assessment, further heightening the contentious discussions. Yet, both proponents and opponents acknowledge the significance of social communication and rational communication. Therefore, this presentation will begin with a succinct exposition of Habermas' Theory of Communicative Action, while offering a perspective that integrates communicative rationality with public policy planning. Subsequently, an examination of the government's efforts in promoting social communication in the Datan LNG Station and Keelung LNG Station will take place. Additionally, a review of the ‘Pathway to Net-Zero Emissions in 2050’ will be conducted, with an emphasis on its alignment with the principles of sustainable development synergy and just transition, which warrant further attention and investigation.