Who Owns Democracy, and Our Planet?

The US 2024 presidential election is existential, with significant peril for the survival of not only US democracy but the planet itself. Trump and Trumpism are a virulent breed of US politics that aim to undermine democracy while also creating a systemic extinction threat to the entire world. In my 2023 book, Dying for Capitalism: How Big Money Fuels Extinction and What We Can Do About It, I discuss the “triangle of extinction,’ which links capitalism, climate change and war. All three are causally intertwined and all are fueled by Trumpism. Trump is not only militaristic but a climate denier and a neoliberal oligarch who will unleash the full force of the extinction triangle. Moreover, as he is also an “election-denier,” the extraordinary prospects of an election in which democracy and planetary survival are both at stake have created a US political theatre in which the fate of all peoples in the world hang in the balance. Drawing also on my newest 2024 book, Who Owns Democracy: The Struggle Over Class and Caste In America, I discuss the dynamics of the existential peril and the politics of how to ward off extinction while creating a resilient democracy.


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