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  • Publish Date:2019/05/01
    Modify Date:2019/05/27
Yung-Djong Shaw
  • Position:Assistant Research Fellow
  • TEL:886-2-37897236
  • Email:yungdjongshaw@gate.sinica.edu.tw
  • Assistant’s Name:Yu-Jy Chen
  • Assistant’s Phone:886-2-37897292
  • Assistant’s Email:yujy@gate.sinica.edu.tw
Yung-Djong Shaw


  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Dr. iur. (2017)
  • National Taiwan University, Master of Laws (2007)
  • National Taiwan University, Bachelor of Laws (2004)


  • Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica (2019.05-)
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Institutum Iurisprudentiae, Academia Sinica (2017.09-2019.04)


  • EU Law, EU Federalism, EU's Political Nature, Safeguard Mechanisms of EU's Constitutional Values
  • Transitional Justice


  • Expert witness, congressional hearing on the regulation of political files, Judiciary and Organic Laws and Statutes Committee, 4th session of the 9th Legislative Yuan, Nov. 22, 2017.


  • Dissertation Fellowship, Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange (2016)
  • Academia Sinica Fellowships for Doctoral Candidates in the Humanities and Social Sciences (2016, awarded but not taken)
  • Taiwanese Government Scholarship for Overseas Study (2013-2015)




Shaw, Yung-Djong (2017). Gefährdung der Verfassungsordnung im Kontext der Regionalen Integration: Ein Vergleich zwischen der Europäischen Union und Taiwan. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.


Journal Article

Shaw, Yung-Djong (2018). Member States’ Constitutional Crises and Deficiencies in EU’s Implementation of the Copenhagen Political Criteria. EurAmerica, 48(1): 139-194 (TCIcore-TSSCI & TCIcore-THCI) (in Chinese) (Full text / English abstract).


Conference Papers

Shaw, Yung-Djong (2015). The Deterioration of Constitutional Values in the Context of Regional Integration: A Comparison of EU and Taiwan, 21st Annual North American Taiwan Studies Conference, 12-13 Jun. 2015, Harvard University.

Shaw, Yung-Djong (2015). Two Strands of Chinese Denialism, Conference on Denialism and Human Rights, 22-23 Jan. 2015, Maastricht Centre for Human Rights with Faculty of Law, Maastricht University.

Shaw, Yung-Djong (2013). The Problem of Multiple Delegations: Courts as Agents in the Context of Regime-Mergers, Ph.D. Symposium “Regime Interaction in Public International Law,” 17-18 June 2013, Edinburgh Law School, the University of Edinburgh.


Translation Work

Catharine A. MacKinnon, 言語不只是言語:誹謗、歧視與言論自由 [ONLY WORDS], Taipei, 2010: Goodness Publishing House, 208 page, ISBN: 9789866614866 (with other translators, from English into Chinese).