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  • Publish Date:2016/10/11
    Modify Date:2021/11/23
Jia-You Sheu
  • Position:Adjunct Research Fellow
  • TEL:886-(2)-37897280
  • FAX:886-(2)-27827616
  • Email:jysheu@gate.sinica.edu.tw
Jia-You Sheu


  • 1966-1970 B.A.   National Taiwan University
  • 1971-1973 M.A.   Kansas State University, USA.
  • 1974-1980 Ph.D.  Indiana University, USA.


  • 1998. 3-2013. 7 Research Fellow, Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica


  • Social Stratification and Social Mobility
  • Sociology of Development
  • Sociology of Art


  • 95年5月9日,「歐洲製錶工藝美學的感知與鑑賞:從哈里遜四號到巨星二仟」,中央研究院歐美研究所專題演講。
  • 94年11月18日,「藝術之眼:藝術收藏之社會學分析」,世新大學社會心理學系專題演講。
  • 94年4月8日,「歐洲鐘錶藝術與社會」,交大通識中心專題演講。


Sheu, J. Y. (2006, November 17-19). Elaborating time: Analyzing and appreciating the arts and craftsmanship of the European watchmaking Via Vacheron Constantin’s commemorative watches. Paper presented at the 2006 Sociology of Arts Conference and T. J. Clark & Anne Wagner Workshop, Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica, Taipei.
Sheu, J. Y. (2004). Pierre Bourdieu on the pure aesthetics and the autonomization of the art field in the West—A gaze from the sociology of arts. A Journal of European and American Studies, 34, 3: 357-429.
Sheu, J. Y. (2002). Crossing the class boundaries?: With some discussions of the empirical results of the class mobility from workers to bosses and some comparisons with the Western societies. Taiwanese Journal of Sociology, 27: 1-76.