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  • Publish Date:2016/10/11
    Modify Date:2024/03/04
Chih-Ming Wang
  • Position:Research Fellow
  • TEL:+886-(02)-37897258
  • FAX:+886-(02)-27827616
  • Email:wchimin@sinica.edu.tw
  • Assistant’s Name:Chia-chi Tseng
  • Assistant’s Phone:+886-(02)-37897240
  • Assistant’s Email:tseng63@sinica.edu.tw
Chih-Ming Wang


  • Ph.D., Literature Department, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • M.A., Department of Foreign Languages and Comparative Literature, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
  • B. A., Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan


  • 2023.1-3 William Lim Siew Wai Fellow, Department of Communications and New Media, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • 2021-22 Visiting Scholar, Harvard-Yenching Institute, Cambridge, MA, USA
  • 2017-18 Visiting Research Fellow, China Institute for Visual Studies, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China (Sabbatical)
  • 2014- Associate Professor (Joint Appointment), International Program in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, National Chiao-Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • 2014- Associate Professor (Joint Appointment), Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, National Tsing-Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • 2013- Associate Research Fellow, European and American Studies, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2008-12 Assistant Research Fellow, European and American Studies, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2006-08 Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • 2004-05 Teaching Fellow at American Studies Department at UC Santa Cruz


  • Asian American literature
  • Cultural Studies
  • Transnational American Studies


  • 2023-25 Deputy Convenor, Division of Literature II, National Science Council, Taiwan
  • 2023- Member, Advisory Board, Verge: Studies in Global Asias (University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, USA)
  • 2023- Member, Editorial Board, EurAmerica [歐美研究] (Institute of European & American Studies, Taipei, Taiwan)
  • 2022- Member, Editorial Board, Cultural Studies (Taylor & Francis, London, UK)
  • 2021- Member, Advisory Board, Journal of Intercultural Studies (Taylor & Francis, London, UK)
  • 2020- Member, Academic Board, China Times Publishing Company [時報文化出版社] (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • 2019-20 Member, Editorial Board, EurAmerica [Oumei yanjiu] (Institute of European & American Studies, Taipei, Taiwan)
  • 2019-20 Member, Editorial Board, Refeng Xueshu [熱風學術] (Department of Cultural Studies, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China)
  • 2018- Member, International Editorial Board, SARE: Southeast Asian Review of English (University of Malaya, Malaysia)
  • 2017- Editor-in-Chief, Router: A Journal of Cultural Studies [Wenhua yanjiu] (Cultural Studies Association, Taiwan)
  • 2016- Member, International Advisory Board, American Quarterly (University of Hawaii, Manoa, Honolulu, USA)
  • 2015- Member, Editorial Review Board, Book Series: Asian Cultural Studies: Transnational and Dialogic Approaches (Rowman & Littlefield, International, London, UK)
  • 2015-23 Member and Vice Chair, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society
  • 2014-16 Member, Editorial Board, Review of English and American Literature [Yingme wenxue pinglun] (English and American Literature Association, Taiwan)
  • 2014-15 Member, Editorial Board, American Quarterly (University of Hawaii, Manoa, Honolulu, USA)
  • 2014-15 Member, Editorial Board & Executive Editor, EurAmerica [Oumei yanjiu] (Institute of European & American Studies, Taipei, Taiwan)
  • 2013- Member, Editorial Board, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies (Routledge, London, UK)
  • 2012-15 Member and Secretary-General, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society
  • 2010-12 Member and Secretary-General, Comparative Literature Association, R. O. C.
  • 2009- Member, Editorial Board, Reflection [Sixiang] (Linking Books, Taipei, Taiwan)
  • 2009-11 Standing Board Member, Cultural Studies Association, R. O. C.
  • 2008-17 Member, Editorial Board, Rounter: A Journal of Cultural Studies
  • 2008-10 Member, Editorial Board, Concentric: Literary and Cutlural Studies
  • 2007-09 Member, Board of Directors, and Secretary-General, Cultural Studies Association, R. O. C.


  • Gong, Zhai 龔摘(陽明交通大學社會文化研究所):〈主權想像與親緣焦慮:新冠疫情下在台大陸配偶生活的民族誌研究〉
  • Ai, Ke 艾可 (IACS Program, NTHU): "The Cross-Strait Traveling of Music: The Affect and Politics of 'The Beautiful Islands' and 'Descendants of Dragon'”
  • Wu, Chengyi 吳貞儀 (FLLD, NTHU): "The Politics of Niche Imagination: The Question of Coloniality and Asian American Literary Studies in Taiwan, 1981-2010"
  • Chen, Naihua 陳乃華 (FLLD, NTHU): "Seung-hui Cho: Shame and the Affective Formation of Asian American Subjectivity"
  • Lu, Yiting 呂怡婷 (FLLD, NTHU): "Formations of Taiwanese Subject Consciousness: George Kerr, Peng Ming-min, and Chen Yingzhen" (co-advising with Chen, Kuan-hsing)
  • Chen, Po-hsi 陳柏旭 (English, NCU): "Field of Nightmares and Memories of Shame: the Cultural Representations of Baseball Scandals in Taiwan" (co-advising with Amie Parry)
  • Hsieh, Hsiang-cheng 謝享真(FLLD, NTHU): "When Asian Americans Return to Asia: Immigration History, War, and Memory"
  • Chen, Hsiang-chi 陳香琪 (FLLD, NTHU): "Specters of the Atlantic: Reading Lawrence Hill's Book of Negroes" (co-advising with Guy Beauregard)
  • Wu, Tzi-hsuan 吳姿萱 (FLLD, NTHU): "Comfort Women: Representation, Redress, and the Politics of Engagement" (co-advising with Guy Beauregard)


  • 2022-23 Outstanding Research Award, National Science and Technology Council, Taiwan
  • 2022 Scholarly Monograph Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
  • 2020 Visiting Scholar Fellowship, Harvard Yenching Institute, USA
  • Junior Research Investigators Award, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
  • Wu Ta-You Memorial Award, National Science Council, Taiwan
  • The ASA Yasuo Sakakibara Prize for International Scholar, USA



2021    《落地轉譯:臺灣外文研究的百年軌跡》。新北:聯經。(本書獲2021年度科技部人社專書出版補助)

2013    Transpacific Articulations: Study Abroad and the Remaking of Asian America. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press. (224 pp.)  

Edited Books & Special Issues

2023   《文學論戰與記憶政治:亞際視野》。臺北:聯合文學。(與陳瑞樺、林麗雲、宋玉雯合編,共424頁)

2021    "In the wake of the Atlanta Shooting: Non/Citizens' Perspectives on Anti-Asian Racism and Sinophobia,” positions politics epistemes issue 6: 


2019    《從科學月刊、保釣到左翼運動:林孝信的實踐之路》。臺北:聯經。

2019    「思想第三世界」,《人間思想》簡體版第十期。

2018    《回望現實,凝視人間:鄉土文學論戰四十年選集》。臺北:聯合文學。(與林麗雲、徐秀慧、任佑卿合編,共288頁)

2018    《學於途而印於心:李有成教授七秩壽慶暨榮退文集》。臺北:書林。(與熊婷惠、張錦忠合編,共368頁)

2017    Precarious Belongings: Affect and Nationalism in Asia (co-edited with Daniel PS Goh). London: Rowman and Littlefield International. (236 pp.)

2014    Co-edited with Chen Yi-chung, Special issue: “After the Sunflower Movement” 「太陽花之後」, Reflection《思想》27, pp. 109-272.

2014    Special issue: “Our Euro-America” 「我們的歐美」, Chung-wai Literary Monthly《中外文學》43.1, pp. 11-212.

2013     Special issue: “Music and Society” 「音樂與社會」, Reflection《思想》24, pp. 75-208.

2012    Co-edited with Liu Yung-sheng and Chen Kuan-hsing, Diaoyutai in the East Asian Context《東亞脈絡下的釣魚台:繼承、轉化、再前進》, Hsinchu: National Tsinghua
            University Press, pps. 224.

2012    Special issue: “Asian American Studies in Asia,” Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 13.2 

2011     Special issue: “Asia as Affect”「情感的亞洲」, Router: A Journal of Cultural Studies《文化研究》12, pp. 8-156.

2010    Co-edited with Shieh Shiao-chin and Liu Yung-sheng, Enlightenment, Activism, and Reflection: Forty Years of the Baodiao Movement《啟蒙、狂飇、反思:保釣運動
            四十年》, Hsinchu: National Tsinghua University Press, pps. 360.

2010    Special issue: “Cultural Studies: Movement and Inquiries”「文化研究:游與疑」, Reflection《思想》 15, pp. 49-181.  

Articles in Professional Journals (English)

2023   Retelling Chinese Stories in the Era of Global China: On Ha Jin’s Immigrant Novels.” Contemporary Literature 63.3: 399-423. 

2023   “ 'The End of the Common World': Covid Anxieties, Bordered Lives, and Democratic Censorship in Taiwan” (co-written with Gong Zhai). Cultural Studies.

                                   DOI: 10.1080/09502386.2023.2261973 (Online First; SSCI)

2021  “Arif Dirlik in Mandarin: Radical Interventions in China, Taiwan, and Global Entanglements.” Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 22.4: 543-554. (SSCI)

2021   “When Asian Americans Return to Asia: Return Narratives, Transpacific Imagination, and the Post/Cold War.” SARE 58.2: 95-112.

2021  “Post/Colonial Geography, Post/Cold War Complication: Okinawa, Taiwan, and Hong Kong as a Liminal Island Chain.” Geopolitics (SSCI).
DOI: 10.1080/14650045.2021.1884547 (online first)

2021   “Forum Introduction: Taiwan, American Studies, and the Archipelagic,” American Quarterly 73.2: 335-341 (Co-written with Wendy Cheng). (A&HCI)

2019    "Geopolitics of Relation: Talking to High Monks in the Snow and the Post/Cold War East Asia.” AALA Journal 25: 49-63.

2019    “Transpacific Asymmetries: Masao Miyoshi and Asian American Studies,” Boundary 2 46.3: 89-115.

2019    “Refugee, Returnee, Borderland: The Accidental Activists and Krys Lee’s How I Became a North Korean,” Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 20.2: 238-256.

2018    “The Minor Transpacific: A Roundtable Discussion” (co-written with Phanuel Antwi, Nadine Attewell, Beng Huat Chua, John Nguyet Erni, Christine Kim, Joanne Leow, Helen

                                    Hok-Sze Leung, Jia Tan, and Audrey Yue), BC Studies: The British Columbian Quarterly 198 (Summer 2018): 13-36.

2017    “Affective Rearticulations: Cultural Studies in/from Taiwan,” Cultural Studies 31.6: 740-763. (A&HCI & SSCI)

2017    “Introduction: The Chinese Factor and American Studies, Here and Now,” (co-written with Yu-Fang Cho), American Quarterly 69.3: 443-463. (A&HCI)

2017    “’The Future that Belongs to Us:’ Affective Politics, Neoliberalism, and the Sunflower Movement,” International Journal of Cultural Studies 20.2: 177-192. (SSCI)
2016    “Asian American Critical Work in a Transpacific and Inter-Asia Nexus,” Amerasia Journal 42.3: 63-68.
2016    “Teaching American Studies in Taiwan: Military Bases and the Paradox of Peace and Security in East Asia,” American Quarterly 68.2: 387-391. (A&HCI)

2013    “Bidding Farewell with Regret: Notes towards Affective Articulations and Inter-Asian Writing,” Frontiers of Literary Studies in China 7.2: 214-234.

2013    “Politics of Return: Homecoming Stories of the Vietnamese Diaspora,” positions 21.1: 189-221.

2012    “Cosmopolitanism without Empire?: Tense and Tender Ties in Don Lee’s Country of Origin,” Cultural Dynamics24.2&3: 227-243.

2012    “Writing across the Pacific: Chinese Student Writing, Reflexive Poetics, and Transpacific Modernity,” Amerasia Journal 38.2: 136-54.

2012    “Geopolitics of Literature: Foreign Literature Studies in Early Twentieth-Century China,” Cultural Studies 26.5:  740-764.

2012    “Editorial Introduction: Between Nations and Across the Ocean,” Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 13.2: 1-11.

2010    “Risky Fiction: Betrayal and Romance in The Jing Affair,” Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies 36.1: 35-59.

2009    “Tracking Baodiao: Diaspora, Sovereignty, and Chinese American Resistance,” Spec. Issue: Seizing the Moment: Twentieth Century Chinese American Activism, Chinese
            America: History and Perspectives
, 130-136.

2007    “Thinking and Feeling Asian America in Taiwan,” American Quarterly 59.1 (March): 135-55.

2004    “Capitalizing the Big Man: Yao Ming, Asian America, and the China Global,” Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 5.2: 263-78.  

Articles in Professional Journals (Chinese)

2023    〈閱讀冷戰:流離南方與胡賽尼的阿富汗三部曲〉。《中外文學》52.2: 21-63。

2019   〈今日中國的非洲:初步觀察〉。《人間思想》簡體字版第10期,頁97-110。

2017   〈華語語系(與)一九四九:重新表述中國夢〉。《中山人文學報》第42期,頁1-27。(THCI Core)

2016   〈從文學革命到文化冷戰:侯健與新人文主義的兩岸軌跡〉。《台灣社會研究季刊》第105期,頁61-101。

2015   〈「馬華論壇」導言:距離如此接近〉。《文化研究》第21期,頁 200-205。(TSSCI & THCI Core)

2014    “Intimate Strangers: Foreign Students in Asian American Cultural Production”〈親密的陌生人:亞美文化生產中的留學生〉, Review of English and American Literature
 《英美文學評論》24: 1-26.

2014    “Cold War Humanism: Yan Yuan-shu and His Critical Practices”〈冷戰人文主義:顏元叔及其批評實踐〉,Chung-wai Literary Monthly《中外文學》43.1: 121-168.

2012    “Knowledge Production on the Frontier: An Attempt at Historicizing Foreign Literature Studies in Taiwan”〈文化邊界上的知識生產:「外文學門」歷史化初探〉,Chung-wai
            Literary Monthly
 《中外文學》41.4: 177-215.

2012    “Mixed-Race Refugees and Transnational Adoptees: The Imperial Intimacy in Asian American Return Narratives”〈混血難童與跨國養女:亞美「回歸」敍事裡的帝國
            親密〉,Chung-wai Literary Monthly《中外文學》41.1: 45-85.

2011    “Getting Close and Passing by: Asia as Affect”〈貼近與錯身:作為情感的亞細亞〉,Router: A Journal of Cultural Studies 《文化研究》12: 114-125.

2010    “Formosa and Its Betrayals: The Affective Paradox of Diaspora”〈福爾摩沙及其背叛:情感斷層與離散矛盾〉,Chung-wai Literary Monthly《中外文學》39.4: 45-83.

2009    “Life in Translation: Yung Wing, Study Abroad, and Transnational Subjectivity”〈翻譯的生命:容閎、留學、跨國主體性〉, EurAmerica《歐美研究》39.3: 455-488.

2007   “Narrating the 1970s: Diaspora, Transnational Politics, and Capitalization”〈敍述七十年代:離鄉、祭國、資本化〉,Router: A Journal of Cultural Studies《文化研究》5: 7-48.

2006    “Imaginations of Return: The Politics of Diaspora in Mabel Cheng’s Films”〈回歸想像/想像「回歸」:張婉婷電影裏的離散政治〉, Chung-wai Literary Monthly《中外文學》
            35.1: 59-86.

2005    “Between the ‘Chinese’ and the ‘American’: Cultural Crossing and Interstitial Imaginary in Nieh Hua-ling’s Thousand Mountains Away, A River Flows”〈「美」「華」之間:
          《千山外水長流》裏的文化跨越與間際想像〉,Chung-wai Literary Monthly《中外文學》34.4: 111-141.

2004    “Asian American Studies in Taiwan”〈亞美研究在台灣〉, Chung-wai Literary Monthly《中外文學》33.1: 11-40.  

Chapters in Books

2022    “Refugee Migration through the Division System: On the Ethics of Copresence in Krys Lee’s How I Became a North Korean.” In Serena Chou, Rob Wilson, and Soyoung Kim,
             eds., Geo-Spatiality in Asian and Oceanic Literature and Culture: Worlding Asia in the Anthropocene. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. 115-136.

2020    “Towards Asian Independence: The Transpacific and Inter-Asian Trajectories of Taraknath Das,” Trans-Asia as Method: Theory and Practices, eds. Jeroen Kloet, Yiu-Fai 
            Chow, and Gladys Chong, London: Rowman & Littlefield, International. 79-98.

2020    〈帝國大學時代的西洋文學講座〉。《迎向臺大百年學術傳承講座I:臺北帝大文政學部論文集》,蔡祝青編。臺北:臺大出版中心。頁183-217。

2018    〈翻譯的生命:容閎、留學、跨國主體性〉。《華美的饗宴:臺灣的華美文學研究》,單德興主編。臺北:書林。頁239-275。

2017     “1847, January 4: My Life in China and America and Transpacific Translations,” in A New Literary History of Modern China, ed. David Der-Wei Wang, Cambridge: Harvard
             University Press, pp. 85-90.

2017     “Introduction: Tracking the Affective Twists of Nationalisms in Asia,” in Precarious Belongings: Affect and Nationalism in Asia, ed. Chih-ming Wang and Daniel PS Goh,
             London: Rowman and Littlefield, International, pp. vii-xxi.

2015     “Cosmopolitanism without Empire?: Tense and Tender Ties in Don Lee's Country of Origin,” in Cosmpolitanism in Asia: Littoral Epistemologies of the Global South, eds.
             Sharmani Patricia Gabriel and Fernando Rosa, New York: Routledge, pp. 170-187.  

2015    “’Dreams of Colliding Worlds:’ Worlding Multiculturalism in Lawrence Chua’s Gold by the Inch,” in Daniel Goh, ed.,Worlding Multiculturalisms: The Politics of Inter-Asian
 (New York: Routledge), 17-34.

2013    “Mixed-Race Refugees and Transnational Adoptees: The Imperial Intimacy in Asian American Return Narratives”〈混血難童與跨國養女:亞美「回歸」敍事裡的帝國親密〉,
            in I-ping Liang, ed., Between Asia and America: Asian American Literature in Taiwan《亞/美之間:亞美文學在台灣》 (Taipei: Bookman), 263-301.

2012    “Risky Fiction: Betrayal and Romance in The Jing Affair,” in Paoi Hwang, ed., Global Encounters: Cross-Cultural Representations of Taiwan (Taipei: National Taiwan
            University Press), 83-112.

2012    “Baodiao Movement after the 1990s: Exchange and Convergence across the Taiwan Strait”〈一九九O年代以後的釣運:兩岸保釣的交流與合流〉, in Yung-sheng Liu,
            Chih-ming Wang, and Kuan-hsing Chen, eds., Diaoyutai in the East Asian Context《東亞脈絡下的釣魚台:繼承、轉化、再前進》(Hsinchu: National Tsinghua University
            Press),97-114。The essay also appears in Renjian Sixiang《人間思想》1 (2012): 58-75;the Korean version appears in The Studies of Modern Chinese History 55 (2012):
            227-247; and the Japanese version appears in Modern Thoughts《現代思想》40.17 (2012): 129-147.

2011    “Narrating the 1970s: Diaspora, Transnational Politics, and Capitalization”〈敍述七十年代:離鄉、祭國、資本化〉, in Xiaoming Luo, ed., Making National Subjects: Everyday
            Life and Literary Practice between the 1950s and 1970s
《制造國民:1950-1970年代的日常生活與文藝實踐》(Shanghai: Shanghai Bookstore), 333-374.

2011    “Life in Translation: Yung Wing, Study Abroad, and Transnational Subjectivity”〈翻譯的生命:容閎、留學、跨國主體性〉, in Yuan-wen Chi and Yu-cheng Lee, eds., Life
《生命書寫》(Taipei: Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica), 19-48.

2010    “Reading Paik Nak-Chung, Facing Foreign Literature Studies”〈閱讀白樂晴,面對外文系〉, in Yungseo Baik and Kuan-hsing Chen, eds., Paik Nak-Chung: The Division
            System and National Literature
《白樂晴:分斷體制、民族文學》(Taipei: Linking), 213-226.

2010    “Imaginations of Return: The Politics of Diaspora in Mabel Cheng’s Films”〈回歸想像/想像「回歸」:張婉婷電影裏的離散政治〉, in Yu-cheng Lee and Kim Tong Tee,
            eds., Diaspora and Homeland Imaginations《離散與家國想像》(Taipei: Yuncheng), 173-216. 

2004    “ ‘An Identity Switch:’ A Critique of Multiculturalism in Gish Jen’s Mona in the Promised Land,” in Noelle Brada-Williams and Karen Chow, eds., Crossing Oceans:
           Reconfiguring American Literary Studies in the Pacific Rim
 (Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press), 139-54.

Book Reviews

2022 〈留學而學留,矛盾與必然:評江勇振《楚材晉育》〉。《聯經思想空間》(8月5日)

2021    〈近思與遠慮:東亞論、新冷戰、文學史〉。《台灣社會研究季刊》第120期,頁189-195。

2020    〈冷戰/劃界的思想考掘:朝向解放政治〉。《文化研究》第31期,頁254-264。

2020    〈「不自由的人文主義」:評介Kandice Chuh, The Difference Aesthetic Makes: On the Humanities “After Man” (Duke University Press, 2019)〉,《英美文學學會電子報》。

2018  〈實用主義的認同:體制/文化與地緣政治〉,《文化研究》第26期,頁298-307。

2017  〈偽裝的生命,在憂鬱與幸福之間:讀陳雪《像我這樣的一個拉子》〉,《字母Letter:陳雪專輯》第2期,頁73-82。

2014    “’Bring the War back!’: Book Review of War and Society by Wang Horng-luen”〈把戰爭帶回來!:評汪宏倫編《戰爭與社會》〉, Router: A Journal of Cultural Studies
《文化研究》 18: 252-261.

2014    “Book Review of Sinophone Malaysia Literature: Not Made in China by Alison M. Groppe,” Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews 36: 247-251.

2013    “Book Review of Charlie Chan: The Untold Story of the Honorable Detective and His Rendevouz with American History by Yunte Huang,” Asian Ethnicity 14.1: 113-117. 

Other Publications (Selected)

2023    〈外文研究的此時此刻〉。《人間思想》繁體版29: 293-299。

2021    〈翻譯的皺折與生命不服從:回應瓦爾特.米尼奧羅〉。《新國際》,12月5日:https://www.newinternationalism.net/?p=6485

2021     “Three Ways of Relating to Orientalism.” The Journal of the Society for Asian Humanities 52: 105-109.

2021   〈重探群眾路線與社會主義經驗:為兩岸關係思考〉,《文化研究》第32期,頁384-393。

2021   〈瓊斯的眼淚:六八遺產與冷戰的幽靈〉,《思想》第42期,頁103-111。

2021    “IACS roundtable to mark the publication of Tejaswini Niranjana’s Musicophilia in Mumbai” (co-written with Tejaswini Niranjana, Soyoung Kim, Yiu Fai Chow, Kimho Ip &
             Meaghan Morris), 
Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 22.1: 100-117. 

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