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III. Results

Table 1 shows the analysis sample size by sex and education.

The total sample size in the study is 35,111. There are about 10,178

people with 0-11 years of education, 11,061 people with 12 years

of education, and 13,872 people with 13+ years of education, with

more women than men in each of the above education groups.

Among those with 13+ years of education, around seven thousand

people have received 13-15 or 16+ years of education. There are

more women than men at the 13-15 years of education level, but

more men than women with 16+ years of education.

Table 2 displays the number of deaths in the study by sex and

education. The total number of deaths in the analysis is 12,579.

There are 5,201 deaths from 0-11 years of education, 3,895 deaths

from 12 years of education, 3,483 deaths from 13+ years of

education, 1,974 deaths from 13-15 years of education, and 1,509

deaths from 16+ years of education. There are more women than

men in each education group, except for 13+ and 16+ years of


Figure 1 and Figure 2 show proportions of American men and

women with different levels of education by age and year. The

graphs clearly indicate that the composition of education levels

change over wave/time and the pattern differs by age. The

proportions of older Americans with 0-11 years of education

dropped largely since 1990s, so did those of older Americans aged

50-64 with 12 years of education. For older Americans aged 65+,

the proportions of 12 years of education remained similar over the

past few decades. However, the proportions of 13-15 and 16+ years

of education increase largely during the past few decades among

older American men and women.

Figure 3 and Figure 4 show the age-specific percentages of life

table deaths (



), by sex, for older Americans with education of 0-

11 years, 12 years, and 13+ years. Older Americans who have

higher levels of education have a higher modal age at death, and the