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The Unlikely Blessings of Living on Borrowed Time in a Leased Land 429

distancing himself from his family, divorcing his wife, and trying to

drink himself to death

only end up reducing his life to the barest


Instead, in responding to and investigating Mendel’s

mysterious death, he loosens his defense against those screens and

filters through which he fends off the contingencies of life and

discovers in the conspiracy jointly plotted by Zionists and

Evangelists the underside of identification politics and the

preemptive logic it promotes and endorses. At the end of the novel,

Landsman is still stateless, but he is no longer dispossessed, given

that, while citizenship is a legal issue determined by the law of the

state, he nevertheless can regain possession of his own spirit, which

is recovered and reactivated as the real “exception” that can alleviate

the biopolitical force of the law and activating the “more” of life

that which is blind to those enthralled with the discourses of