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Information for Authors


is an award-winning academic journal published every three

months by the Institute of European and American Studies, Academic Sinica in

Taipei, Taiwan. The journal focuses on European and American humanities, so-

cial sciences, and legal studies. Since its first issue appeared in 1971, the journal

has served as a key resource for scholars in these disciplines.



comes the submissions of articles on all pertinent issues. The journal has been

rated A-level in 2014 by the Evaluation Program for Academic Journals of the

Humanities and Social Sciences for the category of multidisciplinary journal by

Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology.

Requirements for Submissions

1. Please submit an electronic copy of the manuscript, in MS Word or other

word processor formats, to editor at

. Articles

written in Mandarin Chinese should not exceed the 30,000-word limit. Arti-

cles written in English should not exceed the 15,000-word limit.

2. Contributors are strongly recommended to see Style Guide of


available at,

or email editor to request an electronic copy.

3. Except in rare cases, the first round of review process will be completed

within three to four months. Authors will be notified of the result of the review

with an official letter. That notification may take the form of acceptance, rejection,

or determination that the paper is deserving of a second review after revision.

4. Authors are requested to keep their identities undisclosed, so the manuscripts

can be reviewed anonymously. To preserve the anonymity, articles should

contain no identifiable information such as names, affiliations, acknowledgments,

personal references, etc. All identifiable materials are to be placed on a sepa-

rate page preceding the text.

5. Manuscripts accepted are subject to stylistic editing. It is also the author’s re-

sponsibility to revise their manuscripts according to the suggestions of the

editorial board.


. EurAmerica

does not accept previously published articles. It is also assumed

that a manuscript submitted to the journal is not under consideration elsewhere.

7. If the article includes quotation of texts, reproduction of tables, figures or

photographs, the author is responsible to follow the academic citation guide-

lines and copyright laws. Should the article use copyright-protected images,

the author is responsible to obtain written consent from the holders of the

rights and provide such necessary documents to


. Please note that

the condition of copyright should cover the databases in which the journal is

indexed, or at least include the both print and electronic versions of Journal.

8. In addition to its print and electronic versions,


has entered into

agreements with Academic OneFile, IBZ, National Central Library of Taiwan,

TSSCI, THCI Core, and other databases or academic institutions, to provide

an electronic version for indexing, researching, downloading and printing

needs. Authors are requested to sign a Copyright License Agreement upon

publication, in which the author grants the journal and its authorized data-

bases nonexclusive and royalty-free rights to use and reproduce the article.

9. The journal does not offer an honorarium. Authors will receive digital format

(pdf file) of their articles and three copies of the issue in which their arti-

cles appear.