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Source: TNS/Scytl in cooperation with the European Parliament (European

Parliament, 2014c).

Figure 2 Voter turnout in European elections

goes a long way to explaining why so many Europeans did not

bother to vote (Figure 2).

It must be noted that the EU has long faced a problem that

cannot possibly be resolved by a single round of treaty reform.

Fundamentally, European citizens’ identities and political

imaginations rest in their particular nation-states rather than

Europe. Acknowledging that resolving this issue is not within the

scope of the Treaty of Lisbon, this article draws attention to how

further empowering the EP aggravates the effects of the identity

problem. The more the EP is empowered to legislate as a co-equal

with the Council, the more seriously apathetic and disconnected

voters become.


The problem is such that London mayor Boris


Once empirical evidences have demonstrated that the EP is disconnected

from the people, the proposition that further empowering the EP would