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EurAmerica Manuscript Submission

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Manuscript Submission

Information for Authors

EurAmerica focuses on issues in the humanities and social sciences in Europe and the United States. The journal has served as a key resource for scholars in these disciplines. EurAmerica is the winner of National Science Council (currently known as Ministry of Science and Technology) Award for Outstanding Journal in Taiwan in 1998, 2002, 2003, and 2004 (The award has been discontinued since 2005). EurAmerica also received an A-level rating in 2014 from Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology for multidisciplinary Academic Journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The journal welcomes submissions of articles on all pertinent issues.

Requirements for Submissions
1. EurAmerica does not accept simultaneous submission of a manuscript that is under consideration for publication elsewhere. A manuscript that has been published in another language in Taiwan or abroad will be rejected.
2. Submitted manuscripts should be no longer than around 30,000 words in Chinese or 15,000 words in English, footnotes and references included.
3. Please submit an electronic copy of the manuscript in MS Word or other word processor formats. Contributors please see Style Guide of EurAmerica available at https://www.ea.sinica.edu.tw/Content_Page.aspx?pid=26&uid=73
4. Authors are requested to keep their identities undisclosed, so the manuscripts can be reviewed anonymously. To preserve anonymity, articles should contain no identifiable information such as names, affiliations, acknowledgments, personal references, etc.
5. Except in rare cases, the first round of review process will be completed within three to four months. Authors will be notified of the result of the review with an official letter.
6. Manuscripts accepted are subject to stylistic editing. It is also the author’s responsibility to revise their manuscripts according to the suggestions of the editorial board.
7. If the article includes quotations of texts, reproduction of tables, figures or photographs, the author is responsible to follow the academic citation guidelines and copyright laws. Should the article use copyright-protected images, the author is responsible to obtain written consent from the holders of the rights and provide such necessary documents to EurAmerica. Please note that the conditions of the copyright should cover the databases in which the journal is indexed, or at least include both print and electronic versions of journal.
8. In addition to its print and electronic versions, EurAmerica has entered into agreements with THCI Core, TSSCI, Academic OneFile, IBZ, Periodicals Index Online, National Central Library of Taiwan, and other databases or academic institutions, to provide an electronic version for indexing, researching, downloading and printing needs. Authors are requested to sign a Copyright License Agreement upon publication, in which the author grants the journal and its authorized databases nonexclusive and royalty-free rights to use and reproduce the article.
9. EurAmerica does not offer an honorarium. Authors will receive digital format (pdf file) of their articles via email following publication.
10.If the submitted manuscript is a revision of a conference paper, thesis, dissertation, or is receiving any publication subsidies, please provide detail in the “Related Information of Manuscript” field when submitting it online.

Personal Information Collection Announcement

As the collection of personal information involves your privacy rights, in accordance with the provisions of Item 1, Article 8 of the Taiwan Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), we should clearly inform you of the following: (1) the name of the government agency or the non-government agency; (2) purpose of collection; (3) classification of the personal information; (4) time period, area, target and way of the use of personal information; (5) rights of the Party and ways to exercise them as prescribed in Article 3; (6) the influence on his/her rights and interests while the Party chooses not to provide his/her personal information.

1. The name of the government agency or the non-government agency: The Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica.
2. Purpose of collection: The information will be used to contact the author(s) during the editorial process, and the information will be published in EurAmerica.
3. Classification of the personal information: Name, mobile phone number, email address, affiliation/department, and title.
4. Time period, area, target and way of the use of personal information: From the time you submit the manuscript to the end of the manuscript review, and the use of your personal information stays within our institute.
5. Rights of the Party and ways to exercise them: You may contact us to add or correct your information.
6. You may choose whether or not to provide the information, but we may not be able to provide related services if you choose to withhold the information. Thank you for your understanding.

Online Submission


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Related Information of Manuscript

1.If your manuscript is a revision of a conference paper, please provide information of the conference Manuscript (ex: Name, date, venue)

2.Other additional information( 1.If the submitted manuscript is subsidized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, etc., please provide relevant information and project number.
               2.If the submitted manuscript is a revision of a thesis or dissertation, please provide relevant information.)

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