About Visits & Tours
Access the Library

1. Welcom to the IEAS Library.  Please show your valid ID card , leave your name and time at the Circulation Desk when entering the library. 

2. Personal backpacks are not permitted to bring in the library , please place them in the library lockers and keep the valuables with you at all time.

3. Please keep quiet. Smoking , eating , sleeping and cellphones are not allowed in the library. 


Guidelines for Visiting the IEAS Library

1. Visitors are welcome to access the IEAS Library and please abide by the Library’s regulations. The reference materials may only be used in the Library and cannot be checked out.

2. Visits/Guided Tours: In order to maintain a quiet atmosphere and smooth operation of the Library, individuals or groups who are not affiliated with Academia Sinica must apply for visits or guided tours one week in advance. Guided tours are available to groups of 2 or above, titled “How to Use the Library’s Resources” or “Architecture of the Library”; the tour time is approximately 20-40 minutes. Based on the background and nature of each group, the IEAS Library retains the right to decline the scheduled tour or make suitable arrangements accordingly. Please comply with the regulations when visiting the IEAS Library.

3. Times for Visits/Guided Tours:

(1) Workdays: 9:00-12:00 and 13:30-17:00 from Monday to Friday. Please book your reservation at least one week prior to your visit. The IEAS Library is closed on weekends and national holidays.

(2) Open House: During the annual Academia Sinica Open House (end of October), the IEAS Library is open for visits without reservations.

4. How to Apply: Please fill out the “Library Visit Application” posted on the IEAS Library website and fax or email the completed application form to the IEAS Library. Approved applications will be confirmed via email. Should it be necessary to cancel a reservation, please inform the staff ahead of time..

5. The IEAS Library Tel: (02) 3789-7214, Email: library@gate.sinica.edu.tw, Fax: 02-26546046.