12 days left to register for our First 3-Week Session!


Subject: 12 days left to register for our First 3-Week Session!



Last day to register for First 3-Week Session is June 12


Our 3-Week Sessions <https://myumi.ch/EkJbp>  have everything you need to start, re-start, or continue your methods training. With our flexible scheduling, your time is your own! Take up to four courses and unlimited lectures per session, and keep access to all your choices through December 31. Available in-person or online!


The final day of First Session registration is Monday, June 12.

Plan your curriculum! <https://myumi.ch/QqqX8>


Discounts still available!


Participants in the Second Session, or Short Workshops from July 10-15, can book housing <https://myumi.ch/2m6rn>  right on campus at the University of Michigan and save 10% on registration. Affordable, reliable, and great for connecting with your peers.


Any department or program that sends four or more participants qualifies for additional discounts on total registration fees, up to 25% off!


Check our site for a full list of possible discounts <https://myumi.ch/y2zJw> !


Summer Program Fees and Discounts <https://myumi.ch/y2zJw>


Registration is now open! See our website for details and schedules of the 3-Week Sessions <https://myumi.ch/QqqX8>  and all the Short Workshops <https://www.icpsr.umich.edu/web/pages/sumprog/courses/short-workshops.html>  this summer.


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You can keep up with the program on social media (Twitter, <https://twitter.com/ICPSRSummer>  Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/ICPSRSummerProgram/> , Instagram <https://www.instagram.com/icpsrsummer/> ), or sign up for our email list. Or both!


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