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  • Publish Date:2017/03/02
    Modify Date:2017/08/28

Trial Database Available: Churchill Archive Database

Churchill Archive Database    
Trial Period:即日起至2017/04/01
Password-free login via Academia Sinica IP address
Database Introduction 
The Churchill Archive is designed to support teaching, study and research, providing an invaluable resource for a wide range of courses. It includes more than 800,000 pages of original documents, produced between 1874 and 1965. Documents range from Churchill’s personal correspondence to exchanges between the great leaders of the 19th and 20th centuries. Provide an overview of broader areas of research and study and are based around key teaching topics such as Women and Social Change and Empire and Imperialism. Provide a structured way to introduce students to primary source material and explore its relevance to their study and research topics. Highlight a small number of documents from the Archive and suggest useful parts to explore further as part of independent research.
Please be advised: 
Please adhere to the provisions in the publisher’s copyright notice. The use of this database is limited to individual academic research or teaching purposes. Any further reproducing or downloading of the contents for any commercial use is strictly prohibited. Copyright violators will be prosecuted.
For questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact the IEAS Library at (02)3789-7214 or (02)3789-7233.