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[Philosophy] Wisdom: A Skill Theory Wisdom: A Skill Theory
  • Cambridge:Cambridge University Press,2022
  • ISBN:9781009222884    (Pages:75)

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     What is wisdom? What does a wise person know? Can a wise person know how to act and live well without knowing the whys and wherefores of his own action? How is wisdom acquired? This Element addresses questions regarding the nature and acquisition of wisdom by developing and defending a skill theory of wisdom. Specifically, this theory argues that if a person S is wise, then (i) S knows that overall attitude success contributes to or constitutes well-being; (ii) S knows what the best means to achieve well-being are; (iii) S is reliably successful at acting and living well (in light of what S knows); and (iv) S knows why she is successful at acting and living well. The first three sections of this Element develop this theory, and the final two sections defend this theory against two objections to the effect that there are asymmetries between wisdom and skill. 


Table of Contents

              Introduction   1
        Part I A Skill Theory of Wisdom Presented   2
          1  Wisdom as Knowing How to Live Well     2
        Part II The Theory Developed 12
          2  Wisdom and Knowing the Whys 12
          3  Wisdom and Knowing What Matters 27
        Part III The Theory Defended 39
          4  The Deliberation Objection: Deliberation about Final Ends 39
          5  The Feedback Objection: Feedback for Skill Acquisition 50
             Conclusion 61
             Appendix: The Expertise Theory of Wisdom, Four Versions 62
             References 64


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