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[International Trade Law] Law and Politics on Export Restrictions: WTO and Beyond Law and Politics on Export Restrictions: WTO and Beyond
  • Cambridge University Press:Cambridge University Press,2021
  • ISBN:9781108844789    (Pages:284)

      Delving into export restrictive measures this book links the key areas of WTO law, public international law, investment law, and competition law to expose how and why WTO rules on export dimension are insufficient due to export bias; how public international law helps justify their adoption or maintenance; and how investment and competition laws contribute to their regulation. Built on works on accession protocols and national security exceptions, this book goes beyond international trade law and looks into international political economy, competition and investment law.It contributes to academic debates in conceptualising public and private forms of export restrictions, appreciating the complementary nature of trade and competition law in disciplining them; capturing the dynamic between trade and investment policies for their effectuation and circumvention; and bridging trade law and public international law to better understand their impositions for political and diplomatic purposes with the invocation of the national security justification. (2021-08-27 歐美所副研究員吳建輝先生)



                Preface  xiii
                Table of Legislation   xv
                Table of Cases xviii
                List of Acronyms and Abbreviations   xx
            1  Introduction     1
            2  WTO Rules on Export Restrictions   20
            3  Governing Export Restrictions: National Security and International Political Economy 112
            4  Export Restrictions in the Global Supply Chain: Investment and Competition 192
            5  Conclusion:Reconfiguring the Global Supply Chain in the Post–COVID-19 Era 261
                Bibliography 270
                Index 281


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