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American Studies:Volume 3 Number 3, Sep. , 1973
  • Chien-sheng Shih

    The Dollar and International Monetary Reform(pp.1-34)

  • James S. Fu

    The Ring of Imagination in Wallace Stevens(pp.35-52)

  • Ray C. Hillam

    American Foreign Policy-Making and Henry Kissinger(pp.53-71)

  • Shuan-fan Huang

    Methodological Remarks on Structuralism and Transformalism(pp.72-85)

  • Yung-Hwan Jo

    America's Social Changes and Political Prospects(pp.86-95)

  • Hee Chae Chung

    The Nixon Doctrine and Its Impact on Korea(pp.96-106)

  • David W. Noble

    Cooper, Leatherstocking and the Death of the American Adam(pp.107-120)

  • Chung-tung Chang

    China's Response to the Open Door, 1899-1906(pp.121-142)