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American Studies:Volume 7 Number 2, Jun. , 1977
  • Lin Yao-fu

    Society or Solitude? The Transcendentalist Dilemma(pp.1-31)

  • Hsu Chuan-lee

    Dewey's Theory of Democracy as Means: An Interpretation and Analysis(pp.33-52)

  • Russell H. Bostert

    Rhetoric and American Diplomacy Since 1945: President Carter's Pronouncements in Historical Perspective(pp.53-80)

  • Hengtse Tu

    The United States Fishery Conservation and Management Act and the Sino-American Fishery Agreement: A Study of International Law(pp.81-101)

  • Samuel T. H. Chang

    Dulles and the Signing of 1954 Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty(pp.103-134)

  • Rudolph Yen Chu

    Beyond Law and Conscience: Intruder in the Dust(pp.135-154)