The WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty: The Current State of Play

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The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be one of the deadliest epidemic events in the modern history. While officially 7 million deaths have been registered so far (with 680 millions of infections), in reality these data only show a part of the picture, and the real numbers are much higher. Economic consequences have been equally dire. Global gross domestic product fell significantly, while the recovery has been not only slower than expected but brought also its own problems (e.g. increase inflation). The COVID-19 catastrophe has also highlighted a need for a new global framework which could prevent or at least mitigate the next pandemic. In response to this, the World Health Organization (WHO) initiated in 2021 the negotiation process aimed at adopting a new treaty on pandemic preparedness. Where are we now after almost two years of negotiations? What are the problematic issues? What can we expect in the future? The lecture intends to address these questions, outlining what has been proposed, where negotiations are up to, and what comes next.



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