RIHSS Online Book Workshop

RIHSS Online Book Workshop:  Law and Politics on Export Restrictions: WTO and Beyond (March 8, 1600-1800 GMT+8)


The post-WWI international trade order underpinned by the GATT/WTO regime was established based on the logic of export-oriented economic thinking. Namely, trade nations aimed to access to foreign market with a view to fostering economic growth and therefore the GATT/WTO rules focus largely on the liberalization of import barriers, tariffs and non-tariffs. However, this liberalization process was limited to the democratic camp and during the post-WWII and Cold War era, controlled trade was the dominant idea and key instrument to prevent the Soviet camp from obtaining critical technologies and assets.  With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of Soviet Union, free trade and economic integration become the dominant school of global economic order which results in closely integrated global supply chain. Economic interdependence was believed to a means for economic security and global peace. Nonetheless, in the wake of US-China trade war and COVID-19, trade nations realized the weaknesses of global supply chains with the bitter experiences of export restrictions on masks, PPEs, ventilators, and vaccines. In this online book workshop, chaired by Prof. Ching-Yi Liu, the author will present main arguments of his timely book with three distinguished discussants, Profs. Julien Chaisse, Shotaro Hamamoto and Christoph Herrmann sharing their views. For logistic purpose, please register https://bit.ly/3rRaUME and the link of the workshop is available on the poster.


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