AI & Philosophy

Time: 2021/12/03

Venue: Online Conference

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Content: In view of the increasing impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on human society, the Institute of European and American Studies of Academia Sinica has hosted or co-organized artificial intelligence-related conferences or workshops in the past three years, including the 2018 "Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy-related Issues Workshop (II)" , 2019 "The Development and Challenges of AI in Europe and America" Interdisciplinary Seminar, 2020 "AI and Democracy" Academic Seminar. The development of artificial intelligence, whether in theoretical basis or application, is full of philosophical deep participation, which includes both constructive opinions and strong criticism. On the other hand, philosophy has also had a lot of impact due to the progress of artificial intelligence, causing philosophers to continue to reflect on things like mind, intelligence, reason, reasoning, morality, human nature, etc., which can or may be used to define or mark the core of human beings’ concept. It is expected that this year's "Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy" seminar will be helpful to the interdisciplinary research of artificial intelligence and philosophy, and can be extended as the basis for the application of artificial intelligence in the field of humanities and society.

Contact: Ms. Wei 02-3789-7234