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  • Publish Date:2022/08/01
    Modify Date:2023/03/01
Jay Jian
  • Position:Assistant Research Fellow
  • TEL:+886-2-37897243
  • Email:jayjian@gate.sinica.edu.tw
  • Assistant’s Name:Ching-An Chen
  • Assistant’s Phone:+886-2-37897208
  • Assistant’s Email:chingan@gate.sinica.edu.tw
Jay Jian


  • DPhil in Philosophy, Balliol College, University of Oxford (2015-2020)
  • BPhil in Philosophy, The Queen's College, University of Oxford (2013-2015)
  • Bachelor of Laws in Law and Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, National Taiwan University (2006-2011)


  • Tenure-Track Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica (2022/08-)
  • Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, Institute of Philosophy, National Tsing Hua University (08/2021-07/2022)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of Philosophy, National Tsing Hua University (01/2021-07/2021)
  • Non-stipendiary Lecturer, St John’s College, University of Oxford (10/2016-01/2017, 10/2017-01/2018)


  • Meta-ethics, Philosophy of Action, Ethics, Rationality and Normativity


Peer-Reviewed Publications

1. “Misinformation, Subjectivism, and the Rational Criticizability of Desire,”

Philosophical Studies (2021) 178(3): 845-66.

2. “Intention,” (in Chinese)

The Chinese Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2022).

3. “Rational Norms for Degreed Intention (and the Discrepancy between Theoretical and Practical Reason),”

Australasian Journal of Philosophy (forthcoming).


1. ”Rational Choice Beyond the Comparative Frame”

04/2023 The 30th  Inter-University Workshop on Philosophy and Cognitive Science, University of Valencia

2. ”Do Reasons Transmit to the Pre-conditions of Reasons?”

04/2023 2023 Pacific Division Meeting (Colloquium), American Philosophical Association

05/2022 Workshop on Reasons, Ought, and Normative Transmission, Humboldt University

3. ”Can Epistemic Defects Provide Practical Defeaters?”

03/2023 Workshop on Knowledge, Rationality, and Defeat, Hiroshima University (invited)

4. ”Distorted Perception and Irrational Evaluation,”

09/2022  Conference on Apprehending Value, PThU Amsterdam

5. “Comparative Judgment and Evaluation”

08/2022 Work-in-Progress Seminar, Academia Sinica (invited)

04/2022 Workshop on Mind and Judgment, National Taiwan University (invited)

6. “Some Rational Problems with Comparative Valuing”

01/2022 2022 Eastern Division Meeting (Colloquium), American Philosophical Association

08/2021 The 14th Annual Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress, University of Colorado

07/2021 The 95th Joint Session, Aristotelian Society & the Mind Association

04/2021 Faculty Colloquium, National Chung Cheng University (invited)

7. “The Constitutive Norms and Justification for Commitment”

09/2021 Conference on Preferences, Commitments and Choice, University of Zurich

8. “The Internalist Connection between Intention and All-Things-Considered Judgment”

02/2021 Central Division Meeting (Colloquium), American Philosophical Association

9. ”Re-motivating the Internalist Constraint”

11/2020 Workshop on Metaethics and Metaepistemology, University of Vienna

10. “Do We Have a Reason to Do What We Desire to Do?”

11/2020 Faculty Colloquium, Soochow University (invited)

11. “Value and Reason in the Face of Misinformation”

08/2020 Faculty Colloquium, National Tsing Hua University (invited)

12. “In Defense of the Executive Conception of Instrumental Rationality”

03/2020 Slippery Slope Normativity Summit, Inland Norway University

07/2019 The 5th Annual Southern Normativity Group Conference, Cardiff University

13. “Why Intention Presupposes Mental Unity”

10/2019 Action and Ethics: How, Why, Ought, University of Utah

08/2019 New Horizons in Action and Agency, University of Helsinki

14. “An Analysis of the Structure of Instrumental Irrationality and Executive Vice”

07/2019 The 93rd Joint Session, Aristotelian Society & the Mind Association, University of Durham

03/2019 Tennessee Value and Agency Conference, University of Tennessee

15. “Subjectivism and Two Kinds of Authenticity”

12/2018 Lake Geneva Graduate Conference, University of Neuchâtel

16. “The Rational Irrelevance of Desire Strength”

11/2018 Ockham Society, University of Oxford

17. “Misinformed Desire and the Foundations of Subjectivism”

03/2018 Connecticut Graduate Conference in Philosophy, University of Connecticut

04/2017 Stockholm Philosophy Graduate Conference, University of Stockholm

18. “Davidson’s Constitutivist Picture of Practical Rationality”

11/2017 Workshop on Donald Davidson's Philosophy, National Taiwan University

19. “Agency, Instrumental Rationality, and the Hierarchy of Desires”

09/2017 Salzburg Conference for Young Analytic Philosophy, University of Salzburg

20. “How Can Ends Be Rationally Criticized under Instrumental Rationality?”

02/2017 DPhil Seminar, University of Oxford

21. “Instrumental Rationality and the Cognitive Grounding of Desire”

01/2017 Ockham Society, University of Oxford

22. “Two Constraints on Subjectivist Theories of Normative Reason”

07/2016 The 5th Understanding Value Conference, University of Sheffield

23. “Moral Motivation, Goal, and Background Beliefs”

06/2014 Ockham Society, University of Oxford