E.U. & U.S. Public Policy Forum Forum Introduction
Purpose of the Forum
  The Institute of European and American Studies established the E.U. & U.S. Public Policy Forum in order to give consideration to local and international research projects. The purpose of this forum is to introduce relevant theories and practical experiences of social developments in the US and Europe, and to provide a platform for academic discussion. The forum enables members of the public to speak to problems with current policy, to needful developments in social policy in Taiwan, and to consider relevant strategies.
Origin of the Forum
  The formulation, administration and evaluation of public policy are closely related to both the national interest and public welfare. In order to contribute to the society and to give full play to the academic influence of this Institute, with the strong support and promotion of Director Chyong-Fang Ko, Deputy Director Lee-Joy Cheng took the directive and began planning to establish the E.U. & U.S. Public Policy Forum in July 2013. On 1 August 2013, the IEAS convened the first conference to consult on establishing a platform on the IEAS website. Focusing on the current issues in Taiwan and the special interests of IEAS research fellows, this forum will introduce the development of theories and policies in the US and Europe, and analyze the associated problems and solutions. It is said that, “The wise learn from others’ experience,” and this forum could prove a useful guide for formulating future policy.

  Following a half-year of discussion and work, the  E.U. & U.S. Public Policy Forum was formally established on 1 January 2014, and already included Researcher Chyong-Fang Ko’s “To Support, or not to Support? A Comparative Study of Homosexuals in Taiwan, Europe and the United States”, Researcher Lee-Joy Cheng’s “On the Parsimoniousness of American Parental Leave Compared to Northern European Countries: An Extend Study on the Implications for Taiwan” and Researcher Min-Hsiung Huang’s “The Mathematics Performance of School-age Students: Comparative Study of Taiwan and other Countries”, etc. These articles are intended to launch the forum, and initiate discussion between academia, industry, government and the public.

Features of the Forum
The setting of the  E.U. & U.S. Public Policy Forum has three features as follows.
(1) Academic: The information on the forum is from the premise that conforming to the exact research method.
(2) Practice: The information on the forum is oriented to solve the problems of practical policy.
(3) Integration: The information on the forum is based on the integration of multiple perspectives.
Issues of the Forum
1.Cultural Studies
2.U.S.-Taiwan-China Relations
3.European Union
4.Social Development and Policy in the US and Europe
5.Constitutional System