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Collection Statistics
Collection Statistics of IEAS Library
Collection Statistics : 247,974
(due to 20181231)
Western Language Books 1376,673 (volumes) First, Third Floor
Chinese Language Books 6,907 (volumes) Third Floor
All Books 144,580 (volumes) First, Third Floor
Western Language Current Journals 497 (titles) First Floor
Western Language Bound Journals 1,291 (titles) Second Floor
Chinese Current Journals 74 (titles) First Floor
Chinese Bound Journals 198 (titles) Third Floor
Japanese Language Bound Journal 2 (titles) Third Floor
All Current and Bound Journals 1,491 (titles)   35,697 (volumes)  First, Second, and Third Floor
Western Language Newspaper 2 (titles) First Floor
Chinese Language Newspaper 6 (titles) First Floor
Microfiches 55,768 (items) Information Desk
Microfilms 5,587 (items) Information Desk
Databases 24 (titles) Web
E-Books 497 (titles) Web
Text CD-ROMs 1,785 (items) Information Desk
Audio-Cassetle Tapes 891 (items) Information Desk
Audio CDs 152 (items) Information Desk
Video Tapes 262 (items) Information Desk
DVDs 979 (items) Information Desk
Floppies, Maps few Information Desk