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1. Introduction
Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) was established in 1962, at the Institute of Social Research of the University of Michigan. It is one of the most significant academic databases in the world. So far, more than 760 academic institutions and research organizations around the world are members of ICPSR. It was established to solicit, collect and preserve resources of social research, and to ensure that those resources are being used openly, fairly, and efficiently. Moreover, ICPSR’s main objective is to process, preserve, and distribute data and documents, and provide education, training, and instructional resources to help users understand and analyze quantitative research data.

Everyone affiliated with a member institution receives full access to a data archive of more than 9,000 research studies and 500,000 files in the social and behavioral sciences. The collections of research data include American education, sociology, economics, population, history, etc. Data types consist of raw data, profiling data, and related documents. A vast majority of ICPSR data are public-use files with no restrictions on access. However, in some cases, the data are restricted-use files that are only accessible by vetted researchers and sponsor-supervised students.

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2. Membership: Academia Sinica is a member of ICPSR, and the Official Representative is the director of the Institute of European and American Studies.

3. Latest News: New information will be posted on IEAS Library’s ICPSR webpage, and will also be forwarded to IEAS colleagues and to the Center for Survey Research, RCHSS, Academia Sinica.   

4. Publications

ICPSR Bulletin (Free Full Text)

ICPSR Annual Report (Free Full Text)

ICPSR DataBytes Newsletters (Free Full Text)


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