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[ICPSR] From ICPSR: Design your own methods curriculum—pay by May 1 and save!


Subject: [ICPSR] From ICPSR: Design your own methods curriculum—pay by May 1 and save!

Early payment deadline for General Sessions: May 1Our Topical Workshops are straightforward: register for a workshop, take a workshop, couldn't be easier! When it comes to a General Session, though, there are more moving parts, more things to know, and more choices to weigh.


Here's a quick summary of how the General Sessions work and what you'll get out of them:

Take up to 4 Courses and any number of Lectures per session, for a single fee. Think of it as a buffet, but with MLE instead of mac and cheese.All of the Courses and Lectures can be taken in-person or online, live or asynchronously, and keep access to your classes through December 31, including recorded class sessions.Courses can be taken for a grade! Both Courses and Lectures also come with a participation certificate.Outside of class we have lots of social activities planned, both in-person and online, where you can meet and connect with peers, future collaborators, and maybe a life-long friend or two!On-campus housing is available for one or both sessions.The General Sessions span from introductory to advanced methods, so you can truly build your own program no matter where you are in your academic career. Learn something new, try that math class again in an environment where it's okay to make mistakes, or revisit something you just haven't used in a few years (or decades).


Pay by May 1 and save hundreds on registration!


General Sessions Schedule


On-campus housing




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