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[OR-Announce] ICPSR looks a little different


Subject: [OR-Announce] ICPSR looks a little different

ICPSR logo

ICPSR looks a little different

Dear ICPSR Community,


You may notice changes the next time you try to access data at ICPSR. Besides the new home page, ICPSR has updated its data user authentication process, transitioning from MyData to Researcher Passport.

New look for ICPSR login page

What’s the Researcher Passport?

ICPSR’s Researcher Passport is the evolution of your current MyData account. The Researcher Passport is designed to make it easier for data users to take advantage of other functionality from the new Research Data Ecosystem, a National Science Foundation-supported project that bolsters the entire research lifecycle. An enhanced user experience increases the ability of researchers to safely and securely access, connect, store, and manipulate data.


What’s changing?

Data users logging in to ICPSR will be asked to sign in with their institutional login information via an integrated single-sign-in-system called InCommon. Data users will also have the option for single sign-in via Google, LinkedIn, or OrcID. This provides an extra level of security, and will likely be similar to signing in to resources at other institutions. The login and account pages will look slightly different, but the functionality remains the same.


This transition aims to be simple and seamless, but if you have any questions regarding the new login system or data user accounts, please email us at icpsr-help@umich.edu.



The staff at ICPSR



Special Thanks

The Research Data Ecosystem: a National Resource for Reproducible, Robust, and Transparent Social Science Research in the 21st Century, is supported by funding from the National Science Foundation as a Mid-scale RI-2 Infrastructure Award (#1946932). This work has benefitted from previous support from the National Science Foundation ("CICI: RDP: Open Badge Researcher Credentials for Secure Access to Restricted and Sensitive Data," 1839868), and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.



Additional information and FAQs


What should I do next?

  • You may need to update your documentation, such as a LibGuide, with new screenshots. Templates are available; please contact icpsr-help@umich.edu.

  • If you have any questions regarding the new login system or data user accounts, please reach out to icpsr-help@umich.edu.

  • If you receive any questions that you’re not sure how to answer, please forward them to icpsr-help@umich.edu

Additional FAQs:

  • Will I need to log in twice if I’m accessing systems that are not yet transitioned from MyData to Researcher Passport? Data users logging in to ResearchDataGov and the Millennium Challenge Corporation Evidence Platform will still log in via MyData. There are no changes being made to those applications at this time.

  • Will this change the current IP range validation system? Yes, this system will become our primary validation. We will continue to use IP ranges as a secondary validation tool.

Additional information:

  • Data users logging in to ICPSR or one of ICPSR’s thematic collections will be asked to sign in with their institutional login information.

  • ICPSR Representatives will see this change in their login experience, but account information such as Usage Reports will not be changing.


ICPSR is part of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan.