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[ICPSR] Happy New Year from ICPSR


Subject: [ICPSR] Happy New Year from ICPSR


Happy new year from ICPSR

ICPSR staff member speaking in a gif with text "An exciting time for the data community"

This year, we’re reimagining data.

We’ve recently launched some exciting new data experiences, like ResearchDataGov and the Millennium Challenge Corporation Evidence Platform. New, eagerly awaited resources like the Social Media Archive are just around the corner. We’re supporting the next generation of data users with more housing and scholarship opportunities through our Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research (aka “stats nerd camp”). And we’re looking forward to welcoming many of you back in person for the first time in years at our Biennial Meeting this October.

Take a peek at what’s coming up in 2023

A few members of the team talk through the year ahead:

A person smiling in a clean room with text, "Help your research go further"

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