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[OR-Announce] ICPSR Scholarships for Quantitative Methods Training - now open


Subject: FW: [OR-Announce] ICPSR Scholarships for Quantitative Methods Training - now open






$150k in scholarships available!



ICPSR Summer Program scholarships provide fee waivers to attend our 2023 summer three-week sessions <https://myumi.ch/EkJbp> . Available either in person or online, each workshop in these sessions covers the equivalent of a semester-long class, accelerating and strengthening skills in statistics, data analysis, and quantitative methods.


2023 scholarships <https://myumi.ch/ICPSRscholarships>  are now open!


All applications for ICPSR scholarships are due by 11:59PM EST, February 1, 2023.


We also offer scholarships in partnership with other organizations, please check our Scholarships page <https://myumi.ch/ICPSRscholarships>  for information about all of our available funding opportunities.




List of scholarships and information <https://myumi.ch/ICPSRscholarships>




Required materials may differ slightly for some scholarships, but generally to apply you will need:


*      Cover letter stating research interests and how the Summer Program will contribute towards your degree or research goals

*      Current CV

*      Two letters of recommendation




Apply now! <https://summerprogram.icpsr.umich.edu/sumprog/scholarships>



Stay up-to-date with the Summer Program!


You can keep up with the program on social media (Twitter, <https://twitter.com/ICPSRSummer>  Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/ICPSRSummerProgram/> , Instagram <https://www.instagram.com/icpsrsummer/> ), or sign up for our email list. Or both!




Subscribe to the Summer Program email list <https://umich.us3.list-manage.com/subscribe/post?u=4de0acf23f8cd9a943b256ebd&id=f0856462ab>


















Scott Campbell


ICPSR Summer Program Communications & Video Services Coordinator


Sign up for the Summer Program email list! <https://myumi.ch/ICPSRSumProgEmail>


Follow the Summer Program on social media:


<https://www.facebook.com/ICPSRSummerProgram/>     <https://twitter.com/ICPSRSummer>     <https://www.instagram.com/icpsrsummer/>     <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgQWgr9Np3SKx54T_0hbo-Q>