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[ICPSR] From ICPSR: A data conference on race, COVID-19, social media, elections, the US Census, and more


ICPSR Data Fair "Data in Real Life"



You're invited to the ICPSR Data Fair
"Data in Real Life"




Please join us for the 2020 ICPSR Data Fair, "Data in Real Life."

With 20+ presentations on COVID-19, race, gender, the elections and more, this event brings together experts who explore the data behind what matters today.

The ICPSR Data Fair is a virtual conference, completely free and open to the public. It is hosted by ICPSR, one of the world's oldest and largest social science data archives. You can learn more about ICPSR at icpsr.umich.edu.


ICPSR Data Fair 2020 Announcement


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A virtual conference:
Just like an in-person conference, you'll have a schedule of presentations you can attend. These presentations will take place via Zoom Webinar. You can attend them all, or pick and choose your favorites.

The Data Fair features presenters from institutions such as Columbia University, the Census, the National Science Foundation and many more. You might recognize presenters such as Dr. Joel Best, author of Damned Lies and Statistics, Dr. Christian Davenport from Vox and The Atlantic, Dr. Margaret Levenstein for her work in the New York Times, and Dr. Michael Traugott from his appearances on CNN and other national news. 

Presentations include:

  • Damned Lies and Coronavirus Statistics
  • Data in Social Media
  • On Why Race Still Matters: Ontological Commitments and Researching Without Numbers
  • Data Engagement for the Data-Hesitant Librarian
  • Segregation within Integrated Schools: Racially Disproportionate Student-Teacher Assignments in Middle Schools
  • Quantifying Gender Identities and Behaviors
  • ... and more


See the Data Fair Schedule



Who is this conference for:
The Data Fair is free and open to the public. Presentations are open to a general audience, from high school students to data analysts and everywhere in between.

Consider sharing the Data Fair with:

  • Colleagues
  • Students
  • Interns
  • Grantees
  • Instructors
  • Department leadership
  • Social media
  • ... and more

Simply forward this email, or copy and paste the text and image below to share:


ICPSR Data Fair 2020 announcement

Join me at ICPSR's Data Fair, "Data In Real Life." With all the unexpected twists and turns of 2020, the ICPSR Data Fair will provide a data lens on timely topics such as the elections, Black Lives Matter, the Census, higher education, immigration, COVID 19, and so much more. September 21-25, 2020. Entirely virtual and free to all. Learn more and register at http://myumi.ch/ICPSRdatafair2020. #ICPSR


More resources are available on the Promoting the ICPSR Data Fair web page, which includes promotional materials such as powerpoint slides, social media images and more.


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Join us:
We hope you'll join us! Register for the Data Fair today. If you have any questions, reach out to icpsr-help@umich.edu. We look forward to seeing you.

















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