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[OR-Announce] [ICPSR] ICPSR Bulletin: 5 Things to Love About the Summer Program, and More!


Subject: [OR-Announce] [ICPSR] ICPSR Bulletin: 5 Things to Love About the Summer Program, and More!



From our home offices, kitchen tables, and back porches, to your





Summer 2020   |   Vol. 40, No. 2


From our home offices, kitchen tables, and back porches, the staff at the ICPSR Summer Program welcomes all our participants to the 2020 Summer Program!


5 Things to Know and Love About the 2020 ICPSR Summer Program

Scott Campbell5. Your course, your time! The ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research has moved online this year, and participants can now take our courses from anywhere in the world. Each lecture is recorded and posted for registered participants to view, so there is no need to stay up until 2 a.m. watching a lecture.

4. Concurrent courses for the first time ever! Another benefit to online and recorded courses: Our schedule is more flexible than ever before. For the last 57 years of the program, participants had to choose between two courses that overlapped in time. Now, participants can take one course live, and catch up with another later.

3. New social events! Picnics, coffee and donuts, all of our usual social events are on hold. But participants in our four-week sessions can join in now on live trivia (with exclusive swag!) and daily Zoom chats about everything from surviving grad school during COVID-19 to creating furniture out of wine bottles. More events to come!

2. Connect through our Slack Community! As much as we are pushing towards new things with a fully online program, we still want to maintain part of what makes the Summer Program so great. The collaborations and friendships that grow out of the program are special to us, and we've set up a Summer Program Slack Community to help keep our participants in touch.

1. Still the best place for methods training! Aside from our social events, places to connect, and the changes to the structure of the Summer Program, at our core we are still offering world-class training in data analysis and quantitative methods from experts in the field.

By Scott Campbell, Summer Program Communications Coordinator




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Editor's Picks





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