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[OR-Announce] [ICPSR] More than an upgrade: Beta release unveils a totally re-imagined ICPSR experience


ICPSR is pleased to announce a new data user experience, two years in the making, that will give its users an array of new features, including the following:


·        More information at your fingertips, right from the Search Results page

·        A clean-but-familiar new design on the study homepage (tabs instead of constant scrolling)

·        Faster and more powerful search

·        Enhanced download statistics with visualization, charts and tables

·        Search for citations and data within the study home page

·        ICPSR series pages, newly designed, now have their own tab in the search results



“The new interface maximizes what ICPSR does best, data curation for data reuse, said Linda Detterman, ICPSR’s Marketing & Membership Director. “The design uses ICPSR’s detailed attention to metadata to better present data and documentation to the user for all phases of data use, from discovery, to review, to analysis and interpretation.”


Much of what the user will see and experience will be quite familiar. It’s important to note that this launch isn’t just a website design change; the entire engine behind what the user is interacting with has been rebuilt, Detterman said.


Take a look for yourself, look for the Beta link as you navigate the ICPSR website, and let us know what you think via this feedback link.





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Dory Knight-Ingram

Senior Editor

ICPSR - University of Michigan


(734) 615-7904