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  • Publish Date:2016/12/22
    Modify Date:2024/02/26

10 How to get an e-thesis from PQDD database? How much does it cost? How soon will it be delivered to IEAS Library?

1. Please visit the Academia Sinica Library Catalog to check if the e-thesis is available at the Digital Dissertations Consortium   website. If the patron fails to find the full text, please feel free to recommend the e-thsis to IEAS Library.
2. The IEAS Library will place an order if the author of the thesis has authorized the release of the full texts. 
3. The price for a PQDD e-thesis changes somewhat every year. The 2017 price is US$63 per copy.
4. The delivery speed of a PQDD e-thesis varies. The average delivery time is around three to six weeks.