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  • Publish Date:2016/12/22
    Modify Date:2017/05/31

6 How can I find the processing status of recommended book-orders?

Please visit the Academia Sinica Library Catalog to find the following status :
  • One copy under consideration for Euro-Am Studies Lib. : the order has not yet been placed by IEAS Library.
  • One copy ordered for Euro-Am Studies Lib. On 05-31-200x : the order was subscribed on May 31st 200x and has not yet been delivered to IEAS Library.
  •  In Process: the recommended books are in cataloging department.
  •  Available: the recommended books are in stacks.
  •  Lib Use Only: the books may be used in IEAS Library only.
  •  Library Use Only and location is <Euro-Amer Microform Rm>: the item is a kind of electronic resources or audio-visual resources and may be used in IEAS Library only.
  • Order cancelled for Euro-Am Studies Lib.: the order is cancelled for out of print, out of stock, or other reasons.