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  • Publish Date:2016/04/20
    Modify Date:2021/03/25

Taipei Public Library Interlibrary Loan Services

Membership Application for Interlibrary Loan Services of Taipei Public Library
  1. In order to apply for membership for Interlibrary Loan Service of Taipei Public Library, please apply for a library card first. Once you become a member, you may also use the Interlibrary Document Delivery Service.
  2. You may apply for Interlibrary Loan Service on-site or online.
    • Please fill out an Interlibrary Loan application form.
    • Online application: Apply for a user account via National Document Delivery Service (NDDS). Please select “Taipei Public Library” under affiliation. Once your account is approved by Taipei Public Library, you may request for photocopies of documents.
  3. Pickup and payment: Patrons may go to the Room of References on the third floor of Taipei Public Library (Main Library) in person for pickup and payment, or request delivery of documents to a location of choice, with payments transacted through remittance at a bank or post office, or using an ATM.
  4. For further information on Taipei Public Library Interlibrary Loan Services, please go to: