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IEAS Library Use Guidelines(IEAS Research Fellows)

Register: Please bring the <Personnel Registration Form> to the Library Information Desk .The Library can provide a tour upon request.


Book Borrowing / Loans:

  1. Please bring your Staff ID Card and fill out the <Staff ID Card Activation Form> to activate your Staff ID Card.  You may then borrow IEAS books as you need without due dates.  In other libraries of Sinica, you can use the card to borrow a maximum of 30 items at each library for three months with one opportunity for renewal.
  2. If you have no Staff ID Card 
    If you have no Staff ID Card and want to borrow books, please fill out the <Staff ID Card Activation Form> and get a <Temporary Library Ticket> at the Library Information Desk.
  3. After receiving Staff ID Card 
    Please return the <Temporary Library Ticket> to the Library after receiving the Staff ID Card.  You can then use the Staff ID Card to borrow books from Academia Sinica libraries.
  4. Please search Academia Sinica Library Catalog ( 
  5. Please link to IEAS Library webpage / Introduction / Book Loan / Renewal for details.


Database: Please link to IEAS webpage / Online Resources / Database to choose the database.

Electronic Journal: Please link to IEAS webpage / Online Resources / Electronic Journal to choose the ejournal.

Inter-Library Loan: You may request books or journal articles not available in the  libraries of Academia Sinica.

Electronic News: You canget the latest library news.  Pease link  to read a Chinese edition of the Electronic News.

Journal and Database Recommendation Service: You will be asked each May to recommend new journals and new databases. (Recommend Journals Form) (Recommend Database Form)

Book Recommendation Service: You can recommend books at any time with your sign-in.  You are strongly encouraged to submit recommendations before the end of May.  The sooner you submit, the faster you will get the books. 

Please link to get Acquisition Report and Annual Acquisition Report.

Recently published Books Email Alerts Service:  You can pick up subjects and receive email alerts to notify you of recently published western language books.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions are provided, please link to IEAS Library webpage / Q &A.

Contact: If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us by phone : 3789-7213, 3789-7214, 3789-7233 or by email