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Service Usage Guideline

IEAS Library Use Guidelines(IEAS Assistant)

Register: Please bring the <Personnel Registration Form> to the Library Information Desk .The Library will provide a tour upon request.

Book Borrowing / Loans:

  1. Please bring your Staff ID Card and fill out the <Staff ID Card Activation Form> to activate your Staff ID Card.  You may then borrow a maximum of 20 items for one months with one opportunity for renewal.
  2. Please search Academia Sinica Library Catalog (https://las.sinica.edu.tw/)
  3. Please link to IEAS Library webpage / Introduction / Book Loan / Renewal for details. 


Database: Please link to IEAS Library webpage / Online Resources / Database to choose the database.  

Electronic Journal: Please link to IEAS Library webpage / Online Resources / Electronic Journal to choose the ejournal.      

Inter-Library Loan: You may request books or journal articles not available in the libraries of Academia Sinica.   

Electronic News: You can get the latest library news.  Pease link http://www.ea.sinica.edu.tw/Content_List.aspx?pid=12&uid=77  to read a Chinese page of the Electronic News.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions are provided, please link to IEAS Library webpage / Q &A     http://www.ea.sinica.edu.tw/Content_List.aspx?pid=12&uid=158

Contact: If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us by phone: 3789-7213, 3789-7214, 3789-7233 or by email library@gate.sinica.edu.tw.