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Service Circulation Service

Book Loan / Period

1. All EAS and Academia Sinica patrons can get the first priority service of the EAS Library.  Should you have any questions, please contact us by phone: 3789-7213, 3789-7214 or by email library@gate.sinica.edu.tw.

Book Loan Introduction of IEAS Library
Partron Type

Volumes Limit

Loan Period


IEAS Research Fellows 400, and 60 in other libraries

Other libraries 3 months

2~3 times

IEAS Adjunct Research Fellows

100, and 20~30 in other libraries Other libraries 1~3 months Once

IEAS Administrative and Technical Staff

20 Other libraries 2 months Once

IEAS Visiting Scholars (includes Post-Doctoral)

50, and 30 in each library at most 3 months Once

IEAS Retired Research Fellows

50, and 20~30 in other libraries 1~3 months Once
IEAS Retired Administrative and Technical Staff 50, and 5~20 only in 2 libraries 1 week ~ 2 months Once

IEAS Assistants

20 1 months Once
Sinica Academicians 30 3 months Once
Non-IEAS Research Fellows in Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica 60 in each library 3 months 2 - 3 times
Non-IEAS Research Fellows in Sinica 30 in each library 3 months Once

Non-IEAS Visiting Scholars (includes Post-Doctoral)  in Sinica

50, and 30 in each library at most 3 months Once
Non-IEAS Administrative and Technical Staff in Sinica 20 2 months Once
Non-IEAS Retired Research Fellows in Sinica 20 only in IEAS library 2 months Once

Non-IEAS Assistants in Sinica

20 1 month Once

Readers from outside of Academia Sinica

5~10 30 days No


2. Welcome to the Library. You can borrow books after filling out the <Staff ID Card Activation Form>  at the Library Information Desk upon getting your Staff ID Card.   If you would like to borrow books and have not yet received Staff ID Card, please click http://www.ea.sinica.edu.tw/Content_List_Page.aspx?pid=115&uid=123&cid=100

3.Readers from outside of Academia Sinica are welcome.  You can link NDDS website http://ndds.stpi.org.tw/ to borrow books or photocopy articles.  You can also use ILL-Reciprocal Card Service to borrow books.

4. Please contact us to renew books before due date by phone at 3789-7213.  Also, you can click My Library Account and click Renew button on-line.

5. Water-damaged books, journals, reference books, microform materials, AV materials, rare books and archives are not available for loan.