E.U. & U.S. Public Policy Forum Governance Reforms

International Trend of Civil Service Reform and Implication for Taiwan

Author:Thomas C. P. Peng, Associate Research Fellow

Release Date:2016/11/03

Origin of Topic

  The greatest change of human society in the 21st century is its transformation into an interconnected cyber society via information technology. The rapid growth of cyber technology and the widespread of its application are astonishing. Since the manufacture of the first smartphone in 1999, and along with continual developments, it seems that nowadays almost everyone owns a smartphone. Consequently, human society is seeing tremendous changes in lifestyles and industrial structures. What is more, the fast developments of cyber society are impacting the fundamental operation of public governance and civil service system, and at the same time, developing challenges that are difficult to overcome. This article intends to discuss the responses and solutions of public governance and civil service system when facing challenges of comprehensive and quick changes of cyber society internationally and domestically, and the necessary reforms that need to be carried out.
  First, this article will explore topics, such as major changes of civil service system in different countries, “position-based” civil service system and its background, manpower needs and functions of future civil service system, and universalization of senior civil service. In addition, the article will examine issues and responses that Taiwan should focus on for reforms of its own civil service system in the future.(......more)

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