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A Discussion on The Challenges To Regulate Freedom of Expression Following The Attack on French Satirical Weekly Magazine Charlie Hebdo

Author:Hui-Chieh Su, Assistant Research Fellow

Release Date:2016/10/28

Origin of Topic

      The shooting that took place at the office of French satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo on January 7, 2015 left twelve dead and twenty wounded. The incident had quickly triggered a wave of discussion on Islam, Muslims in Europe, and freedom of expression, in France, Europe, and even in distant Taiwan. Among heated debates, many seemed to be asking the same question: “Should freedom of expression be regulated?” Satirical cartoons are by nature difficult to regulate because they are in essence an attestation of freedom of expression. This article will systematically outline the characteristics of freedom of expression cases, and consider the influence satirical cartoons, such as Charlie Hebdo, have on the regulation of freedom of expression. This article will also discuss the problems (constitutional) courts face when reviewing cases regarding regulations on freedom of expression.(......more)

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