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[Humanities] Communicative Action: Selected Papers of the 2013 IEAS Conference on Language and Action Communicative Action: Selected Papers of the 2013 IEAS Conference on Language and Action
  • 主編 主編
  • Singapore:Springer,2014
  • ISBN:ebook/978-981-4585-84-2    (Pages:137)
    ISBN:Hardback/978-981-4585-83-5    (Pages:137)
This book focuses on the connection between action and verbal communication, exploring topics such as the mechanisms of language processing, action processing, voluntary and involuntary actions, knowledge of language and assertion. Communication modelling and aspects of communicative actions are considered, along with cognitive requirements for nonverbal and verbal communicative action.
Contributions from expert authors are organised into three parts in this book, focussing on language in communication, action and bodily awareness and sensorimotor interaction and language acquisition.
Readers will discover various methods that have been employed in investigations presented here, including neurological experiment, computational modeling and logical and philosophical analysis.
These diverse expert perspectives shed light on the extent to which a mechanism for processing actions also facilitates the processing of language and the authors’ work prompts further interdisciplinary investigation of the relationship between language and action.
This book is written for readers from different academic backgrounds; from graduate students to established academics in disciplines ranging from neuroscience to psychology, philosophy, linguistics and beyond.
Earlier versions of the selected essays in this book were presented at the 2013 IEAS Conference on Language and Action, held in Taipei, Taiwan.
Part I Language in Communication
Names, Descriptions, and Assertion3
Indefinites in Action17
A Defense of the Knowledge Account of Assertion: From a Model-Theoretic Perspective33
Part II Action and Bodily Awareness
When Actions Feel Alien-an Explanatory Model53
Self-Consciousness and Its Linguistic Expression75
Personal and Sub-Personal: Overcoming Explanatory Apartheid93
Part III Sensorimotor Interaction and Language Acquisition
How Infants Learn Word Meanings and Propositional Attitudes: A Neural Network Model107
What Action Comprehension Tells Us about Meaning Interpretation125

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