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[sociology and economics] Embeddedness and Corporate Change in a Global Economy Embeddedness and Corporate Change in a Global Economy
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  • New York:Peter Lang Publishing,2000
  • ISBN:0-8204-4986-5    (Pages:351)

Using an embeddedness approach, this volume analyzes how different forms of organization and market exchange systems function and co-evolve. In contrast to views that assume that pure markets or autonomous states guide change, the embeddedness approach argues that the social networks and institutions within which economic action is embedded provide economic order. By identifying consequential types of social structures, the essays in this volume advance our understanding of how exchange systems originate and change. The contributions of prominent scholars from Europe, Asia, and America testify to the embeddedness approach’s inclusive theoretical appeal, wide audience base, and contribution to the problem of how social networks, institutions, and culture affect organizational adaptation and the economic status of individuals in economies in transition.

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1. Introduction: Embeddedness Perspectives on the Change of Institutions, Interfirm Networks, and Labor Markets1
2. Societal Transformation and Enterprise Change in Eastern Europe: A Comparison of Hungary and Slovenia49
3. Networks, Transaction Costs, and the Persistence of Interfirm Ties: The New York Apparel Industry, 1985 to 199579
4. The Transformation of Family Firms in Taiwan/font>105
5. Corporate Responses to the Issue of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in Taiwan--Lessons from the United States131
6. The Political Economy of State-owned Enterprises in Foreign Investment: The Case of Taiwan169
7. Business Globalization and Local Embeddedness: The Case of Foreign Investment in Taiwan211
8. Foreign Companies and the Transformation Processes in Poland: The Role of Western Financial and Human Capital239
9. Immigrant Firms and Transnational Embeddedness: Chinese Entrepreneurs in Los Angeles263
10. Transnational Entrepreneurs and Regional Industrialization: The Silicon Valley-Hsinchu Connection283
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