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[European Union] The EU's Role in Global Governance The Legal Dimension The EU's Role in Global Governance The Legal Dimension

     For years, the European Union has been looked on as a potential model for cosmopolitan governance, and enjoyed considerable influence on the global stage. The EU has a uniquely strong and legally binding mission statement to pursue international relations on a multilateral basis, founded on the progressive development of international law.

    Globalization and the financial crisis have starkly illustrated the limits of this vision, and the EU's dependence on global forces partially beyond the control of traditional provinces of law. This book takes stock of the EU's role in global governance. It asks: to what extent can and does the EU shape and influence the ongoing reordering of legal processes, principles, and institutions of global governance, in line with its optimistic mission statement?

     With this ambitious remit, it covers the legal-institutional and substantive aspects of global security, trade, environmental, financial, and social governance. Across these topics, 23 contributors have taken the central question of the extent of the EU's influence on global governance, providing a broad view across the key areas as well as a detailed analysis of each. Through comparison and direct engagement with each other, the different chapters provide a distinctive contribution to legal scholarship on global governance from a European perspective. (節錄〈封面折口〉,歐美所助研究員吳建輝先生)


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   The Legal Dimension of Global Governance: What Role for the European Union? An Introduction
   The Editors
   Part I: The EU as a Legal Power in Global Governance?  
   1.  Entrenching Global Governance: The EU's Constitutional Objectives Caught Between a
        Sanguine World View and  a Daunting Reality
Joris Larik
   2.  Why Choose Europe? The Place of the European Union in the Architecture of International 
        Legal Cooperation
Bruno de Witte and Anne Thies
   3.  EU External Relations: The Governance Mode of Foreign Policy
Grainne de Burca
   4.  From the Nation State to the Market: The Evolution of EU Private Law as Regulation of the
        Economy Beyond the Boundaries of the Union?
Hans Micklitz and Dennis Patterson
   Part II: The EU and Global Security Governance  
   5.  The European Union in the Global Security Architecture
Panos Koutrakos
   6.  The EU and the Responsibility to Protect
Geert de Baere
   7.  EU Global Peace Diplomacy: Instruments to Support Status Processes
Steven Blockmans
   8.  International Responsibility for EU Military Operations: Finding the EU's Place in the
        Global Accountability Regime
Aurel Sari and Ramses A. Wessel
   Part III: The EU and Global Trade Governance  
   9.  Institutional Aspects of Global Trade Governance from an EU Perspective
Frank Hoffmeister
   10. Expanding the Internal Market: An External Regulatory Policy for the EU?
Marise Cremona
   11. Access to Raw Materials: The EU's Pursuit of Trade Disciplines on Export Control
 Chien-Huei Wu
   Part IV: The EU and Global Environmental Governance  
   12. Ambition, Complexity, and Legitimacy of Pursuing Mutual Supportiveness through the
         EU's External Enivronmental Action 
Elisa Morgera
   13. Contingent Unilateralism: International Aviation in the European Emissions Trading Scheme
Joanne Scott and Lavanya Rajamani
   14. The Role of the EU in Shaping the Trade and Environment Regulatory Nexus: Multilateral
         and Regional Approaches
Gracia Marin Duran
   Part V: The EU and Global Financial Governance  
   15. What Role for the European Union in Shaping Global Financial Governance?
Fabian Ambtenbrink
   16. The EU at the G20 and the G20's Impact on the EU
Jan Wouters,Sven van Kerckhovenand, and Jed Odermatt
   17. The Proposed Financial Transaction Tax Directive: The Quest to Create Momentum
         at the G20 Through Internal Legislation 
Bart Van Vooren
   Part VI: The EU and Global Social Governance  
   18. Towards International Migration Governance? The European Contribution
Daniel Thym
   19. Economic Partnership Agreements: Enhancing the Labour Dimension of Global Governance?
Jeffrey Kenner
   Closing Part  
   20. Conclusion: The Role of the EU in the Legal Dimension of Global Governance
The Editors
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