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[Sino-US Relations] The Future of United States, China, and Taiwan relations The Future of United States, China, and Taiwan relations

       The rise of China as a great power in East Asia, the return of the Kuomintang (Nationalist Party) as the ruling political party in Taiwan, and new pressures on America's traditionally dominant position in the region create a crossroads in the relations between the United States, China and Taiwan. This timely book examines the background, current issues, and future possibilities for this triangular relationship, in which geostrategic interests grapple with the ideological battle between democracy and authoritarianism, the question of sovereignty over Taiwan, and Taiwan's own contested identity. At stake is not only Taiwan's destiny but also US-China relations. (節錄〈封底〉)




Foreword Varieties of Sovereignty    vii
Stephen Krasner  
List of Contributors    xix
   1  Introduction      1
      Cheng-yi Lin and Tom Chou  
   2 Taiwan's Political Development and U.S.-China Relations    13
      Jean-Pierre Cabestan  
   3 The "ASL" as the "Anti-TRA":The Impact of China's Anti-Secession Law on U.S.Relations       with Taiwan    29
      John J. Tkacik, Jr.  
   4 The TRA, Cross-Strait Relations, and Sino-U.S. Relations:Searching Cross-Strait stability    53
      Richard W. Hu  
   5 A Status Quo with Different Interpretations:Taiwan,China,the United States,and Security in       the Taiwan Strait    71
      Cheng-yi Lin  
   6 Lobbying for a "U.S.-Taiwan FTA" in the U.S. Congress:Which "Fast Track"? What Target?  101
      David W.F. Huang  
   7 The United Seates as a Balancer in Gross-Strait Relations,2000-2008  121
      Jaushieh Joseph Wu  
   8 The U.S.-China-Taiwan Relationship:New Circumstances, Persistent Challenges  149
      Denny Roy  
   9 Taiwan's Participation in the World Health Organization:The U.S. "Facilitator" Role  167
      Jaw-ling Joanne Chang  
  10 Japan's Perspective on U.S.-China-Taiwan Relations  189
      Yoshifumi Nakai  
  11 U.S. Debates About Taiwan's Security,1979-2009  209
      Michael Pillsbury  
 Index  243


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