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[Sociology] Intercultural Relations in Asia: Migration and Work Effectiveness Intercultural Relations in Asia: Migration and Work Effectiveness
  • Chan-Hoong Leong ;John W. Berry 著
  • Singapore:World Scientific,2010
  • ISBN:9789812837868     (Pages:274)

    The international migration of people, and the resulting interaction of diverse peoples in cities and workplaces, is increasing the world over. These intercultural encounters present both opportunities and challenges to individuals, to public and private institutions, and to societies as a whole. Asia is a major participant in these migrations, both as a provider and as a recipient of these population flows. Many countries in the West have substantial populations of Asian origin; many cities in Asia have increasingly large communities of Westerners; and many of these cities are experiencing the return of former migrants to their home societies.

    This book presents ideas and findings in four thematic sections. First is “Intercultural Relations and Social Integration”, in which some international experiences (to Western countries) of migration, settlement, and outcomes are recounted. A central question here is whether these other experiences can provide any insight or guidance for Asian societies as they become destination countries for immigrants.

     A second section, on “Cultural Competency in Workplace and the Social Environment”, shifts the discussion from a global purview to the workplace and the social environment in which careers are developed and managed. Here, the concern is specifically with the world of work, examining the many factors that promote (or impede) the successful integration of individuals into the workforce following migration. In a third section, “Socio-cultural Effectiveness and Emotional Adaptation”, the focus is more on the emotional life and personal adaptation of Asian and Western sojourners in cultures that differ from their own. One of the many factors that influence successful settlement is the emotional reaction of immigrants in response to daily experiences in their new society.

     A final section on “Understanding Asian Migration in Asia” takes up the issue of internal migration, which is a ubiquitous challenge in Asian societies. This rural-urban labor migration, and the consequent intercultural relations among peoples of differing ethnicity in major cities, is a topic of increasing concern for social stability in many Asian societies.(摘自〈Preface〉,歐美所研究員曾瑞鈴小姐)




Foreword     v
Preface    ix
List of Contributors   xv
Section I. Intercultural Relations and Social Integration     1
   1.Acculturation and Social Cohesion:Emerging Issues for Asian Immigrants in
     New Zealand / Colleen Ward
   2.Migrating Talent: Subsequent Mobility of Recent Asian Immigrants to and From
     New Zealand / Elsie Ho
   3.Immigration and Integration: The Canadian Experience / John W. Berry   43
Section II. Cultural Competency in the Workplace and the Social Environment   67
   4.Preparing Managers for Intercultural Leadership:Application of an Economy-Based
     Theoretical Framework / Dharm P.S. Bhawuk, Vijayan P. Munusamy and Keith H. Sakuda
   5.Work in Cultural Translation: Workplace Encounters in Taiwanese Firms with Western
     Migrant Employees / Rueyling Tzeng
   6.Sociocultural Competence for Career Success and Social Integration: The Case of
     Asians in Australia / Anita S. Mak
   7.“Show Me the Money!” Construct and Predictive Validation of the Intercultural
     Business Corruptibility Scale (IBCS) / Chan-Hoong Leong and Weirong Lin
Section III. Sociocultural Effectiveness and Emotional Adaptation 177
   8.A Study in Cross-cultural Adjustment: The American Community in India
     / Kiveli Kazila Filmeridis
   9.Expectations and Real Life: Cross-cultural Adaptation of Chinese Students in China
     and the Netherlands / Jan Pieter van Oudenhoven, Jianhua Long and Wenhua Yan
Section IV. Understanding Asian Migration in Asia 239
  10.The Influence of Adult Attachment Styles on  Urban Residents’Attitudes Toward
     Acculturation  Strategies of Rural-to-Urban Migrants in China / Huadong Yang,
     Lili Tian and Jan Pieter van Oudenhoven
Index 271


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