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[Sino-US Relations] Rise of China : Beijing's strategies and implications for the Asia-Pacific Rise of China : Beijing's strategies and implications for the Asia-Pacific

    Despite the growing internal social unrest and disparity of economic development, the People's Republic of China is the third largest world economy and the second largest defense spender. Showing no clear signs of slowing down, China's rise is seen as both an opportunity and a challenge by the major world powers.

    This book《Rise of China 》examines every aspect of Beijing's strategies, ranging from political, economic and social challenges, to the Taiwan and Hong Kong issues, to the implications of these strategies in terms of China's place within the Asia Pacific, and indeed within the world system.(節錄〈序〉,作者林正義先生為現任歐美所研究員)

延伸閱讀:社會學研究所研究員蕭新煌教授推薦「 Rise of China : Beijing's strategies and implications for the Asia-Pacific」發表於中研院電子報民國98年04月23日 第212期


Part I  
Overview           1
1. The rise of China: an overall assessment      3
    Hsin-huang Michael Hsiao and, Cheng-yi Lin  
Part II  
Discourse on the rise of China    19
2. China's grand strategy of "Peaceful rise": a prelude to a new cold war?    21
    Masako Ikegami  
3. The domestic origin of China's rise and its international impact: the party-state     developmental syndicate      55
    Szu-chien Hsu  
Part III  
Domestic consequences: social unrest and economic challenges    85
4. Growing social unrest and emergent protest groups in China    87
    Chih-jou Jay Chen  
5. China's economic development and its challenges  107 
    To-far Wang      
Part IV  
External strategies to Asia-Pacific and implications  131
6. China's policies toward the Asia-Pacific region: changing perceptions of self and changing others' perceptions of China?  133 
    Rosemary Foot  
7. The rise of China and territorial disputes  148 
    Srikanth Kondapalli  
8. China's policies toward the SCO and ARF: implications for the Asia-Pacific  region  168 
    Chien-peng  Chung  
Part V  
Regional reactions to China's rise  189 
9. America's perspective on China's rise  191 
    Bruce Cumings     
10.Japan's views on the rise of China and its implications: bureaucratic interests     and political choices  217 
    Yoshifumi Nakai  
11.Beijing's strategy and implications for India  235 
    Vikram Sood  
12.The rise of China and implications for Southeast Asia: a Philippine perspective  252 
    Carolina G. Hernandez  
13 Hong Kong citizens' evaluations of the "one country, two systems" practice:assessing the role of political support for China  270 
    Timothy Ka-Ying Wong, and Shirley Po-san Wan  
14.A rising China and Hu Jintao's Taiwan policy  284 
    Cheng-yi Lin, and Wen-cheng Lin  
Glossary  303 
Index  307 



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