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1 LECTURES 【2017/08/24】 10:00AM 活動海報

李心文  教授 (Department of Philosophy, University of Delaware)

刑罰哲學中的「比例原則」與 「正常化原則」
2 LECTURES 【2017/08/24】 02:30PM 活動海報

Prof. Hanti Lin (Department of Philosophy, UC Davis)

Hume's Dilemma and the Normative Turn—— Or How It Is Possible to Justify at Least Some Kind of Induction
3 LECTURES 【2017/07/04】 02:30PM
【2017/07/04】 04:00PM
Prof. Pei-te Lien
Department of Political Science affiliated with Asian American Studies, Black Studies, and Feminist Studies
University of California Santa Barbara
Unpacking Chinese America: Studying the Political Participation of Taiwanese Americans
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4 LECTURES 【2017/06/26】 07:00PM-00:00AM 活動海報

Dr. Norman Y. Teng, (Research Fellow, Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica)

Knowledge Feast Lecture for June: A Confucian Reflection on the Tragedy of the Commons
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5 LECTURES 【2017/05/19】 09:45AM-00:00AM 活動海報

Scott Slovic (Professor and Chair. English Department. University of Idaho)

Ava Chin (Associate Professor. English Department. City University of New York-Staten Island)

Fourth-Wave Ecocriticism Lecture Series
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6 LECTURES 【2017/05/02】 02:30PM-04:30PM 活動海報
7 LECTURES 【2017/04/24】 03:00PM-05:00PM 活動海報

Harry T. Dickinson (Emeritus Richard Lodge Professor of British History, University of Edinburgh)

BREXIT: The Vote by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union
8 LECTURES 【2017/04/18】 02:30PM-04:30PM 活動海報


美國規範軍中同性戀法制之回顧與展望: 由排斥至融入
9 LECTURES 【2017/04/06】 02:00PM 活動海報

Prof. Zachary Zimmer, Canada Research Chair in Aging and Community, Mount Saint Vincent University.

Linking spirituality and religiosity to life and health expectancy: A global comparative study
10 LECTURES 【2017/04/05】 02:30PM-04:30PM 活動海報

Dr. Francesco Giumelli (Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations and International Organization, University of Groningen, Netherlands)

The Ongoing Challenges of the EU
11 LECTURES 【2017/03/09】 02:30PM 活動海報


12 LECTURES 【2017/02/21】 02:00PM 活動海報

Prof. Dr. Eva Horn (Full Professor, Department Chair, Institute of German Literature, University of Vienna, Austria)

Cultural Climatology: The Enlightenment and the Anthropocene
13 LECTURES 【2017/02/17】 10:30AM-00:00AM 活動海報

Prof. Georg Northoff

Canada Research Chair in Mind, Brain Imaging and Neuroethics, University of Ottawa

What McDowell can tell us about the mind——Logical space of nature and the world-brain problem
14 LECTURES 【2017/02/10】 02:00PM-04:00PM 活動海報

Ha Jin (Professor, Director of Creative Writing Program)

Loyalty and Betrayal
15 LECTURES 【2017/01/24】 02:30PM-04:30PM 活動海報


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16 LECTURES 【2017/01/17】 02:30PM-04:30PM 活動海報


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17 LECTURES 【2016/12/28】 02:30PM


18 LECTURES 【2016/12/14】 02:30PM


19 LECTURES 【2016/12/06】 02:30PM


全球史脈絡中的殖民醫學再榷:帝國、殖民地與治理性 (Repositioning Colonial Medicine in Global History: Empire, Colony and Governmentality
20 LECTURES 【2016/11/15】 02:00PM


Motherhood Wage Penalty and Occupational Context
21 LECTURES 【2016/10/24】 10:30AM

吳秀瑾 (國立中正大學哲學系)

【公民哲學論壇(系列三)】剖析Miranda Fricker知識不正義之理論與實務
22 LECTURES 【2016/10/18】 12:00AM

Dr. Chern Chen (Instutute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica)

The Stone Camp Allendorf. On the History of the POW Camp of the German Generals after the Second World War
23 LECTURES 【2016/10/04】 02:30PM

Prof. Judit Hidasi (Budapest Business School, Hungary; 2016 Taiwan Fellowship Visiting Scholar; Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, NTU)

Two Sides of the Coin—Gender Equality and Gender Gap in Europe
24 LECTURES 【2016/10/03】 10:30AM


25 LECTURES 【2016/09/26】 10:30AM


26 LECTURES 【2016/09/22】 04:00PM

Arachne van der Eijk-Spaan (Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Humboldt University Berlin)

Necessity, the Tyrant's Plea: Morality and Legality in Extremis
27 LECTURES 【2016/09/19】 10:30AM


28 LECTURES 【2016/09/12】 10:30AM


29 LECTURES 【2016/09/05】 10:30AM


30 LECTURES 【2016/09/01】 02:30PM

Dr. Karácsonyi Dávid (Research Fellow of Geographical Institute, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

Risks and Advantages of Nuclear Energy in Emerging Markets--Remarks and Experiences from Central and Eastern Europe
31 LECTURES 【2016/08/29】 10:30AM


32 LECTURES 【2016/08/25】 10:00AM

Hanti Lin (Department of Philosophy, University of California at Davis)

【當代歐美哲學座談(二)】Conditionals and Actions: A Dutch Book Argument for Adam's Conditional Logic
33 LECTURES 【2016/08/23】 10:30AM


34 LECTURES 【2016/08/10】 10:30AM


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35 LECTURES 【2016/08/08】 02:30PM

Prof. Jan Zielonka (Department of Politics & International Relations, St Antonys College, University of Oxford)

Turbulent Europe: Causes, Scenarios and Remedies
36 LECTURES 【2016/08/02】 02:30PM

Dr. Michael Reilly (Taiwan Fellowship Scholar, Former Director of British Trade & Cultural Office, Taipei)

The dawn of a new era? Assessing the implications of Brexit for the UK, Europe and the world
37 LECTURES 【2016/07/05】 02:30PM

Raeann Chou (Duke University, Graduate Program in Literature)

Fantasy and Disidentification: Mary Renault's Male Homoerotic Fictions
38 LECTURES 【2016/06/22】 10:30AM


39 LECTURES 【2016/06/16】 03:00PM

Dr. Apichai W. Shipper (Asia Studies Program, School of Foreign Services, Georgetown University)

Morality of Citizenship in Japan, Sweden, and the U.S.
40 LECTURES 【2016/05/25】 10:30AM

Prof. Ian Roxborough (Department of Sociology and History, Stony Brook University, U.S.A.)

How organizations forget: US military strategy, irregular warfare and the uses of social science
41 LECTURES 【2016/01/12】 02:00PM

Prof. William H. Dow (School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley)

Why Does Costa Rica Outperform the United States in Life Expectancy? A Tale of Two Inequality Gradients
42 LECTURES 【2015/10/27】 03:00PM

Prof. Jonathan Locke Hart (Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada)

Colonialism and Postcolonialism
43 LECTURES 【2015/10/05】 02:00PM

劉佩艶博士 (國立中央大學學習與教學研究所助理教授)

Profiles of Adolescents' Motivational Beliefs in Science Learning in 26 Countries: Results from TIMSS 2011 Data
44 LECTURES 【2015/08/26】 03:00PM


Anatta to Agape: Offloading Self and Surviving Death
45 LECTURES 【2015/08/10】 02:00PM

Prof. Richard Brown (Department of Philosophy, City University of New York)

Two Concepts of Phenomenal Consciousness
46 LECTURES 【2015/07/28】 02:30PM

林貝亭 (國立臺灣師範大學音樂系博士班音樂學組)、Thijs Velema (PhD in Sociology, National Taiwan University)

法蘭克 ‧ 邱吉爾與《無與倫比的愛爾蘭情人》、Orderly and Chaotic Career Trajectories in Contemporary European Football
47 LECTURES 【2015/07/15】 02:30PM

陳錦榮教授 (香港浸會大學人文及創作系)

Disrupting the Colonial Transgender/Law Nexus: Reading the Case of W in Hong Kong
48 LECTURES 【2015/05/26】 02:00PM


49 LECTURES 【2015/05/07】 02:30PM

Prof. Ann Murphy (Professor, Gonzaga University School of Law)

New Developments of Elder Abuse Issues in the U.S.
50 LECTURES 【2015/04/09】 10:00AM

Dr. May-Britt Stumbaum (Research Group Director, Free University of Berlin)

"Does Europe Matter? Security in the Asian Century"- The European Union as a Security Actor vis-à-vis Mainland China and India
51 LECTURES 【2015/01/20】 02:30PM

Issac B. Kardon (Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Government, Cornell University; Affiliated Scholar, US-Asia Law Institute, NYU Law School)

New Type Great Relations at Sea: China and the US in the Maritime Domain