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To Support, or not to Support? A Comparative Study of Homosexuals in Taiwan, Europe and the United States

Author:Chyong-Fang Ko, Research Fellow and Director

Release Date:2015/01/14

Author:Chyong-Fang Ko Research Fellow and Director
Origin of topic
Over the past two years, the Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights has conducted a campaign titled “Diverse Family Formation, I Support!” which, to date (2012), has garnered a million signatures, and successfully tabled the proposed bill of Civil Code for Diverse Family Formation to Legislative Yuan (2013). However, the campaign has proven controversial as the bill, which covers same-sex marriage, a civil partnership system, a system of multiple-person families and revisions to the adoption system, will strongly affect the traditional monogamous family system and ethics in Taiwan. With socio-economic developments and the transnational transfer of values, same-sex marriage has already become an inescapable global social issue. However, what attitudes do Taiwanese people hold towards homosexuality remains an open question? What are the similarities and dissimilarities between the attitudes of Taiwanese, Europeans and Americans? Will the proposed Civil Code for Diverse Family Formation bill clear the council? Will Taiwan become the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage? These issues are worthy of further observation.
The essay presents comparative analysis of the similarities and dissimilarities between the attitudes of Taiwanese, Europeans and Americans towards homosexuality, and on the future outlook of the proposed bill for Diverse Family Formation in Taiwan.
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